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A Quick Overview of Unleashed

Change can be daunting especially when it entails adopting a new software programme to manage your inventory processes. You may have reservations about how the new software programme such as Unleashed will impact your work. Will it be time consuming and less efficient than your current methods? Will you lose track of stock, and will the whole process just be a waste of time and money?

When it comes to inventory management, there are a lot of intricacies and players involved. You must receive and inspect products from the supplier, sort, and stock products, accept customer orders, fulfil, package and ship orders, and then reorder new stock. Stock can be large or small, made up of components, stored in multiple warehouses or even stored in multiple locations.

You need a management software that can optimise your inventory levels, reduce stockouts, improve your supply chain processes, reduce manual errors, and increase efficiency. Thankfully, Unleashed Inventory Management software is a powerful tool that is intuitive and easy to adopt. 

A Quick Overview of Unleashed

Unleashed is a cloud-based inventory management software that helps businesses manage their inventory, sales, and purchasing processes. The software offers a range of features designed to help businesses optimise their inventory levels, streamline their operations, and improve their bottom line.

Here are some of the salient features of Unleashed:

User-friendly interface:

Unleashed has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for businesses to manage their inventory, sales, and purchasing processes. When you open the programme, you are greeted with a dashboard that is a visual representation of the current state of your inventory and business operations.

It provides you with an at-a-glance view of key performance indicators, such as inventory levels, stock movements, sales trends, and financial data. The dashboard typically consists of several sections or widgets that display different types of information. This can be customised to meet your specific needs and preferences. For example, you may see a summary of your top-selling products, a graph of your inventory levels over time, a list of pending purchase orders, and a breakdown of your sales by channel.

Unleashed Dashboard

Real-time inventory management

Unleashed allows businesses to track their inventory levels in real-time, giving them up-to-date information on stock levels, sales, and purchase orders. The software supports multiple locations, serial and batch tracking, and expiry dates, enabling businesses to manage their inventory efficiently.

Multi-location inventory management

Unleashed enables businesses to manage inventory across multiple locations and warehouses, providing visibility and control over inventory levels, movements, and transfers.

With Unleashed you can simplify the manufacturing process with bills of materials, assemblies, kitted product functionality and production planning. 

  • Unleashed provides a centralised location for managing your recipes and Bills of Materials. 
  • It ensures that the quantities and cost of components are included in the finished product. Thus, providing an accurate reflection of the manufacturing process, ensuring you maintain accuracy for your accounting records.
  • It also allows you to efficiently plan and purchase the necessary stock for each assembly.
  • Unleashed takes into account third party assembly costs which you can add to the manufacturing assembly process to get an accurate assembled product cost.
  • Manage auto-assembled products with Unleashed by setting up a Bill of Material for each kitset, allowing you to build kitsets on the fly.
  • Unleashed takes care of the disassembly automatically and spreads the purchase cost across all the different components.

Purchase order and sales order management

Unleashed makes it easy for businesses to create, manage, and track purchase orders and sales orders, helping to streamline their procurement and fulfilment processes. You can generate quotes, purchase orders, and invoices, and manage customer and supplier information. Unleashed also provides insights into sales performance and purchasing trends so you can easily see which areas of your business needs some help.

Unleashed - Purchase Orders and Sales Orders

Order fulfilment

Unleashed supports order fulfilment workflows, allowing businesses to manage their order processing, picking, packing, and shipping processes efficiently. The software also supports integrations with shipping carriers, enabling businesses to streamline their shipping processes.

Reporting and analytics

Unleashed provides businesses with a range of reports and analytics, allowing them to gain insights into their inventory levels, sales performance, and purchasing processes. The software allows users to create custom reports and analyse data using powerful visualisations.

Unleashed - Purchase Enquiry


Unleashed is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. The software is highly scalable, and it can handle large volumes of data.

Seamless Integrations

Unleashed seamlessly integrates with a wide range of eCommerce platforms, accounting software, and other business applications, enabling businesses to streamline their operations and automate their workflows. Applications include: Xero, Quickbooks, Shopify, Amazon, Vend and lots more. 

Unleashed - Integration Store

API usage with Unleashed Software

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of protocols, routines, and tools that allow different software applications to communicate with each other. 

In the case of Unleashed, their API allows other software applications to connect and exchange information with their system, such as retrieving product details, creating and updating orders, and managing inventory levels. This allows businesses to integrate Unleashed with their existing systems and automate processes, saving time and reducing errors. Various actions can result in API requests, such as logins, saves, and queries. 

When it comes to APIs built and managed by Unleashed, such as interactions with Xero, Quickbooks Online, Vend, Magento, Shopify, and SalesForce, these don’t count towards your API usage.

Manage your Inventory On-the-Go

Unleashed is a cloud-based solution, enabling businesses to access their inventory data and manage their inventory, sales, and customer details remotely, including from a mobile device.

Unleashed - mobile app

Business Intelligence

Unleashed Inventory Management’s business intelligence tool allows businesses to create custom reports, charts, and dashboards to visualise data and gain insights into inventory and sales performance. Users can choose from a variety of pre-built reports or build their own using a variety of filters and criteria.

The tool also includes a variety of data visualisation options, such as charts and graphs, to help businesses better understand their data and optimise their inventory management processes. Users can configure automated reports to receive regular inventory and sales performance updates.

Unleashed is a powerful inventory management software that provides businesses with the tools they need to manage their inventory, streamline their operations, and improve their bottom line.

Radical Cloud Solutions are proud implementation partners of Unleashed. We offer comprehensive training and support for companies of all sizes. Let us know if you’d like to find out more about the powerful capabilities of Unleashed and how it can streamline your operations.