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Setting the standard for innovation in school management within more than 2500 schools internationally

d6 education is a division of the d6 group which was established after the successful merger of d6 Technology and Principal Software. d6 education, serving more than 2500 schools in South Africa and abroad is setting the standard for innovation in school management. d6 education is all about assisting schools in being more effective and providing schools with comprehensive consultation through various training initiatives, innovative solutions through the use of technology and most importantly, quality support and guidance.

d6 school Communicator

The d6 School Communicator is a stand-alone application designed to simplify school-parent communication.

Why d6 Communicator?


Authentication allows you to limit access to information to authorised users and limit which users can view content. All content is digitally signed and cannot be tampered with.

Effective reach

Effectively reach your target audience through the various communication mediums. The application can be integrated with your website and social media platforms.

Ease of Use

Easy to use, easy to manage. The d6 School Communicator is the quickest, simplest way to get your message out. Content is added using an intuitive, web-based control panel.

d6+ management system

An integrated Administration, Financial, Curriculum and Communication system with a two-way authenticated communication platform between a school and parents.

Taking your brand from a WANT to a NEED

d6 media offers an unique platform that provides high impact and visibility banner advertising opportunities for clients on the unique d6 School Communicator. The application allows clients to advertise to a specific and targeted audience and thrives on building healthy, positive interactions and strong relationships with both clients and the media.


There will always be certain things that make us smile – an idea that takes off and flies. With years of experience, you can count on us to add some magic to your campaign.


We go old-school as well as new-school. You design your own banners – that is our “old-school way” or if you want to have a little bit more funky banner designing, make use of our modern, “new school” in house designing team. We will be making every click count when it comes to digital banners!


We’re probably not the first to say this, but we are the best when it comes to digital banner advertising. With a reach of approximately 700 000 unique users , we can safely say that we are certainly the best in the educational space!

Medium: Login Screen Desktop banner ads If you want to raise brand awareness and interact with school administrators as well as other school staff then the d6+ login screen is the ideal platform for you, to showcase your unique brand. The d6+ login screen is the ideal way to target and interact directly with school staff.

Medium: Website Desktop banner ads This target market is interested in discovering: > Different career options and tips > How to apply to institutions > How to get funding advice and opportunities > The right subjects to choose > Tertiary institutions and courses

d6 Connect

Medium: Application Mobile banner ads The d6 Connect App offers a variety of banner placements, including banner ads, main sponsor ads and sub sponsor ads on mobile. If you want to raise brand awareness then the In-App sponsor functionality is the option for you.

The d6 Business Communicator is the ideal way to make sure your message reaches your audience

Business Communications Simplified

The use of technology in the workplace has increased rapidly, which results in more organisations entering a continuously connected environment. Today, organisations are utilising community based platforms to communicate internally and externally. However, none cater for bespoke communities with controlled publishing. d6 business was launched after the successful merger of both Principal Software and d6 Technology. The new brand, d6 group, has three divisions that resides under them, namely d6 business, d6 education and d6 media. d6 business offers the d6 business Communicator, a lightweight application that runs on every user’s computer, tablet and/or smartphone.

Advantages of using d6 business

Easily delegate responsibility to multiple contributors

Manage and control all information communicated

Prioritise and assign tasks to streamline workflow processes

Conveniently publish information from any device with internet connection

Receive the latest news and calendar events directly on your mobile device

Personalise the application to receive only news that is relevant to you

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World Class Support

We are committed to providing you with top quality support and work hard to ensure you get the best. To honour our commitment, we have put together a team of tech enthusiasts who are well trained by system administrators to provide you with top notch support.

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