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The Simplest Hotel Management Software on the Cloud

Hotel Property Management System

Cloud-based hotel management software for all your hotel needs

Hotel PMS- build to help you succeed

Hotelogix cloud-based hotel management system offers next-gen capabilities needed by hotels to simplify reservations, improve operating efficiency and maximize revenue. Hotelogix is a trusted cloud-based PMS by hotel properties across 100+ countries.

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Automate your hotel operations

A cloud-based property management system (PMS) like Hotelogix simplifies hotel operations and reduces dependency on manpower. Manual errors become a thing of the past as critical operations get automated and managed in real-time using Hotelogix PMS software. Your staff gets to focus on guests with ample time on hand. Try it to experience the simplicity.

Manage centrally from a single dashboard

At the core of our cloud-based PMS hotel software, lies an innovative and easy to use front desk interface that acts as a single-point dashboard to control all your operations. You can customize it to suit your hotel’s needs and manage multiple tasks at all times. It’s all available for you.

Distribute easily

Increase your market reach with seamless integration with all avenues of online and offline distribution like OTAs, GDS and TripAdvisor. Enjoy the simplicity of managing your inventory and rates across multiple channels with two-way Channel Manager connectivity and start receiving your bookings on your frontdesk in real-time. Learn more on Hotelogix PMS system for hotels.

Work seamlessly across functions

Hotelogix PMS Hotel Software lets your staff work in sync with all departments. Assign room cleaning tasks to housekeeping and track it in real-time from the frontdesk or housekeeping console. You can also open unlimited point of sale outlets which works in complete sync with frontdesk to upsell and improve your bottom-line

Improve revenue

Allow your guests to book their stay directly through your hotel’s website and Facebook page using Hotelogix PMS system. Whether it is last-minute bookers or travelers on the move, responsive design of our multi-device web and facebook booking engine helps you to attract visitors and generate more direct bookings thereby earn more top-line revenue per booking.

Take informed business decisions

Keep a track of your hotel’s current performance and growth with built-in analytics and 100+ insightful reports of Hotelogix cloud-based property management system for hotels. These reports can be easily filtered and printed, emailed or downloaded in CSV and other formats for deeper analysis.

Increase your hotel’s profitability

Set the right room rates for your hotel based on market and competitor pricing analysis. With pricing recommendations for up to 90 days and support to dynamic pricing strategy on Hotelogix hotel PMS software, our integrated revenue management solution will help you take right business decisions in real-time and win over competition.

Enjoy anytime anywhere access

Leverage the power of the cloud to monitor your hotel performance from wherever you are. Just login to our cloud-based hotel property management system from anywhere and enjoy the convenience of 24 x 7 accessibility. Hotelogix Mobile Hotel app gives you the convenience of running your complete hotel on the go!

Hotel Frontdesk software: Intuitive reservation chart

Hotelogix frontdesk management system has a reservation chart that’s laid out as a grid, displaying up-to-the-minute room reservation statuses. Click the reservation chart to add/update bookings, view real-time details of room inventory and do much more on this hotel front office software. Hotelogix’s powerful dashboard design for room operations makes front office management a breeze.

Improve multi-tasking with Frontdesk management software

Hotelogix lets you multitask regular activities such as check-ins and check-outs of individuals, corporates, and other group bookings. Send confirmation emails to upcoming bookings and also send follow-ups for pending deposits. Use the power of technology to manage multiple bookings without errors and save time.

Manage teams effectively with Hotelogix Frontdesk

Create multiple user accounts on Hotelogix frontdesk management system. Hotelogix lets you work with no restriction on the number of users that may login simultaneously. Work together, or divide your users into shifts. Easily manage your team with Hotelogix frontdesk management software.

Speedy Frontdesk

Experience the speed of Hotelogix Property Management System (PMS) to run your entire hotel just with a basic Internet connection. This FrontDesk management software works as a loaded desktop application.

Keep everyone informed centrally

Make announcements, assign tasks to team members, and even set reminders by adopting the centralized approach of Hotelogix cloud-based hotel Frontdesk software. Your remote offices can seamlessly coordinate all their work with you on the front desk, in real-time, from anywhere, any device.

Just click to make the right change

Hotelogix front office management system offers quick operations using right clicks. Simplify complex tasks (e.g. room change requests), room upgrades, and payments. Just right-click on the reservation chart, drag and drop to modify bookings.

Manage room distribution easily with Frontdesk

Wherever you distribute your rooms, the frontdesk reservation of Hotelogix always display an up-to-date room availability chart. Opt for direct sale, allocate rooms to online travel agencies (OTAs) and Global Distribution Systems (GDS). Your room inventory gets automatically updated via Hotelogix across all channels ensuring maximum sales for your hotel.

Quickly access complete booking snapshots

Hotelogix makes it easy to track and connect to every key area of your hotel operations. You can keep a close watch on the reservation chart and differentiate between direct bookings from your website, online travel agencies (OTAs), Global Distribution Systems (GDS), and other third party channels.

Rate management made easy

Hotelogix frontdesk software makes room rate management, room changes and upgrades so much easier. Define room rates as per season or package deals centrally. Edit to choose valid rates with automatic tax calculations. Rates for last-minute room upgrades, meal additions, airport transfers and more can be automated easily on Hotelogix.

Turn the focus on all services

Go beyond the primary objective of room selling. Use Hotelogix to think differently and upsell other services to guests. Create package deals that include restaurant meals, airport transfers, tours of popular destinations and more.

Forecast right with smart frontdesk management software

Get full insights on room revenue and sales within few clicks. Use detailed reports to track payment delays from guests or travel agencies. Use Hotelogix frontdesk management system to be prepared with your room inventory details, occupancy levels to forecast right and improve profitability.

Hotel POS system for unlimited POS outlets

Hotelogix hotel POS software module lets you manage a wide variety of services at your property by letting you set-up unlimited 'Point of Sale' outlets. Manage restaurants, mini bar, spa, travel desk and many more. Using the smart hotel POS system, orders may be sold directly to the guests, transferred to the room as "Room Service", or billed directly to the company.

Enjoy easy-to-use POS terminals

Our POS terminals are touchscreen-enabled and you are free to set-up as many users for your outlets as you need. With the point of sale system software, watch your staff execute orders almost instantly, as our POS touch interface is easy to master in virtually no time.

Manage better, Sell faster

Management of point of sale in hotels gets smarter with the inclusion of a hotel POS system. The products and services at POS points can be organized in unlimited categories & subcategories. A separate group for featured items at the top lets you access and sell your fast-moving products or special items and services at a faster pace.

Customize packages and attract guests

Create customized packages with point of sale software such as seasonal, holiday and others by clubbing rooms with POS items. Else, you can offer these items as inclusions to up-sell your services. Modify deals on the fly as per the demand to attract more guests and personalize your guest’s stay with add-on services.

Do away with manual work

Hotelogix hotel POS system runs in complete sync with your Frontdesk. This means there is no manual tracking needed. Room inclusions get sent to the correct POS points. So, your staff at the restaurant, travel desk or any other POS outlet is always updated with the right information in real-time.

Automate customized deals

Offer attractive discounts on extra services to woo your travel agents & corporate clientele and your point of sale system software will never let you miss them. Discounts apply automatically to POS bills when a guests’ rate plan is eligible for the services consumed at spa, F&B or any other POS outlet.

Hotel performance reports - make right business decisions

Reports are an important part of hospitality operations. Hotelogix helps you access over 100 hotel reports to give you a clear insight on the performance, track revenues and financials thus helps you to take right business decisions. Most of the important reports can be exported in csv (and others formats) for further analysis.

Forecast revenue with financial reports

Keep track of your revenues and financials. Plan confidently with information to forecast your Hotel’s financial health.

Occupancy reports

Your room occupancy gets updated in real-time with each booking or cancellation. Check your past occupancy, forecast demand and formulate strategies to achieve your sales targets.

Counter collections

Track your collections at each cash counter. The revenue reports are captured and are available by date range, or by staff member at the counter. The reports let you click to drill down for more details.

Reservation summary

These reports consolidate your occupancy levels and revenues. You also get separate reports for web reservations, no-shows, cancellations, temp reservations etc.

Online Distribution Channel Management via Single-point Dashboard

Hotelogix property management system (PMS) connects with the channel managers, OTAs and Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and allows you to access a central dashboard that gives you complete control over your hotel’s distribution channels. View a snapshot of bookings from all sources (e.g. Expedia, Amadeus, Sabre, Travelocity, etc.). Connect with over 800+ online hotel distribution channels that put you in touch with over 600,000+ travel agents on the GDS.

Connect to GDS networks for a wider reach

Connect to Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, and Worldspan, the biggest hotel booking networks. This means your hotel gets access to nearly 100,000 portals and more than 600,000 travel agents from around the world. Hotel owners can centrally connect to and control their inventory to widen their market reach.


Sell more via online distribution channels

Increase your room sales by connecting your hotel to OTAs like Booking.com, Expedia, Orbitz and several other online distribution systems. Use Hotelogix to define rates at a central location. Maintain rate parity and commissions along with terms of sale in the system. Eliminate overbooking due to manual errors. Room selling and channel management is easy with Hotelogix

Improve profitability with direct bookings

Get your hotel website and Facebook page integrated with Hotelogix Web booking engine and allow visitors to make direct bookings via secure online payment on either platform. Hotelogix makes it easy for hoteliers to centrally manage rates and inventory with real-time updates via direct booking channels. Power your hotel’s room selling with Hotelogix -

Efficiently manage room inventory on distribution channels

There’s high risk of losing revenue for hotel owners due to blocked room-nights. Use Hotelogix PMS to allocate room inventory effectively without the risk of making it unavailable for sale. Release allocated rooms instantly using the Hotelogix hotel distribution system.

Flexible pricing

Choose from our flexible pricing plans. Select a Channel Manager of your choice for an effective distribution system for your room inventory. Write to [email protected] for more details.

Run your complete hotel on mobile

Unleash the power of mobile to run your complete hotel on the go with Hotelogix Mobile Hotel app. Speed-up check-ins, check-outs and housekeeping operations, manage multiple POS outlets efficiently, and get access to actionable reports from the convenience of your smartphone. Hotelogix Mobile Hotel app helps you empower your sales team to sell immediately. The app also helps you keep an eye on how your hotels are being run with access to data at your fingertips, anytime and from anywhere.

Complex tasks - No more!

Complex processes like changing rack rates, seasonal rates, and any other pricing plan can be carried out through just a few taps. The Hotelogix Mobile Hotel mobile app also lets you create individual, corporate or travel agent reservations without any extra effort.

Do away with queuing of guests

Enjoy the convenience of doing super-fast check-ins and check-outs for your guests, enhancing guest experiences. Quickly scan guest IDs from 80+ countries from your mobile and finish the check-in a few seconds. Manage bills and accept payments to check-out guests quickly and efficiently.

Speedup housekeeping operations

Assign tasks and rooms to your housekeeping staff from your mobile, get them update room statuses instantly using multiple mobile terminals. Reduce the time between check-outs and check-ins by making the rooms available to your guests faster. Offer them a pleasant guest experience right from check-in to check-out.

Do more with POS outlets

Perform all necessary POS tasks on the go like taking/ managing orders, automating invoicing and payment in real-time, and even processing refund without having your guests to queue up.

Sell more. Manage better

Empower your sales team to Sell faster with easy access to room availability and rates from their mobile phones. Slash your infrastructure expenses by lowering your investments on conventional workstations – almost everyone carries a smartphone today and the app is available on Android and iOS.


Quick Feature Guides

Hotelogix Mobile Hotel is a ready to use app for your smartphone or mobile device. The simplicity of the system complements the powerful Hotelogix PMS on the Cloud. Hotelogix Mobile Hotel stays 100% in sync with your Hotelogix FrontDesk account.

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