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Convert recruitment pains into pure gold

iSmartRecruit is a scalable ATS Recruiting Software, whose goal is to solve your recruiting problems.

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iSmartRecruit offers an automated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and staffing software, enabling companies to automate the process of manually sourcing and matching qualified candidates. Automation solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to best match qualified candidates and jobs.

  • An automated application screening.
  • Suggest the best matching candidates.
  • Suggest the best matching jobs.
  • Invite matching candidate.
  • Promote jobs on free job boards, social media, website.
  • Automate notifications and task management.

Two Way Email Sync

Email communication is one of the crucial aspects of the recruiting process, as recruiters deal with various stakeholders through email. Our Staffing Software & Applicant Tracking System offer easy and time-saving ways to track email conversations.

  • Send and receive emails.
  • Sync emails from your mobile and mail clients like outlook or thunderbird.
  • Mailbox to check your emails.
  • Complete email conversation history.

Visual Pipeline

The visual hiring pipeline provides a quick way to visualize your hiring process across all active jobs. You can easily track your live candidates throughout your recruitment workflow stages and shift them one from one recruitment stage to another in no time.

  • Easy candidate tracking.
  • Customise your workflow stages.
  • Interview management.
  • Share candidates to the client.
  • Send emails.

Website Integration

Your careers page is a reflection of what makes your company, including your company culture, vision, mission, and the people who work with it. So, delivering the right impression on career page landing is essential. Sync your jobs on your website automatically by integrating your website with the system.

  • Employer branding
  • Real-time jobs display on your career page
  • Automated screening and knockout questions
  • Mobile optimization

Our customers see results


Collaborate better with their team


See an increase in qualified candidates


Say their hiring process is faster

Recruitment Marketing


Software Benefits

Social Recruiting

Make recruiting enjoyable with our Social Recruiting features that allows you to grab candidates effortlessly and enhances your brand value.

  • Connect social pages
  • Promote on social pages
  • Logo branding
  • Traffic Analysis

Mobile Recruiting

Recruit through mobile takes it to another level. Deliver the best candidate experience, and build your recruiting brand.

  • Mobile and tablet friendly UI/UX
  • Apply through social media
  • Advanced customization
  • Single-click application

Efficient Networking

The efficient network keeps them coming back to you. Believe in your employees and talent pool to operate new hiring.

  • Social media
  • Vendors
  • Reference
  • Freelancers

Job Board Integration

Promote your jobs on the world’s leading free job boards in a single click. Grab the latest candidates directly into your talent pool.

  • Free Job Posting
  • Automated Posting

Sourcing Analytics

The science of sourcing analytics can walk you through some real business insights about your recruitment marketing strategy.

  • Track % of job views
  • Track % of applications

Career Website Integration

Career website opens the floodgates for you. Make your candidates apply more from your branded career blog.

  • Multilingual career pages
  • Easy integration
  • Multilingual job posts
  • Advanced customization

Referral Management

A referral program that shares the world within your employees and friends to grab new candidates from their circles.

  • Manage employee details
  • Get the candidates from reference
  • Run the referral program
  • Employee referral report

Manage Jobs

Easily create and manage jobs that fill up your positions within a blink of an eye. Discover the difference between ordinary and specialized service.

  • Promote jobs
  • Analytics
  • AI-profile matching
  • Customizable job layout


Use our interview management feature to manage your single or multi-step interview process with complete collaboration with all the stakeholders.

  • Email Automation
  • Sync with Calendar
  • Feedback management
  • Reminders

Visual Pipeline

Make a breakthrough with Visual Pipeline. Create – Change – Manage all with the statuses.

  • Recruitment workflow
  • Live filters
  • Custom pipeline stages
  • Email

Knockout Screening

Knockout screening would be your ultimate problem solver of irrelevant applications. Fill your folders with the genuine candidates only.

  • Automated screening
  • 100% accuracy
  • Automated rejection email
  • Customize questions

Candidate Information

Get all the information about your candidates in a single spot.

  • Resume
  • Submission
  • Scorecard
  • Activity stream
  • AI-based job matching
  • Task & emails

Advanced Search Options

Utilize your candidate database to the core with advanced search techniques.

  • Fuzzy Search
  • Semantic Search
  • Smart Search
  • Proximity Search
  • Boolean Search

Manage Questionnaires

Manage your screening questionnaire to speed up your screening process. You can send the questionnaire to your candidates and prescreen them easily.

  • Manage questionnaires
  • Score candidates compared to how they answer questions
  • Share with candidates & applicants

Video Interviewing

You can schedule one-way video interviews with the candidates and they will get notifications about the interview through email.

  • Email notification
  • Multiple interviews in one go

Self-Service Interview

It’s a big trend in the recruitment industry right now! This feature will allow you to propose a different interview time slots to your candidates. Your candidates can select the best suitable time of interview and confirm it.

  • Propose interview slots to the candidate
  • Choose the best suitable slot by the candidate

Candidate Scorecard

Pre-screen your candidates with advanced-level candidate scorecard criteria.

  • Choose different scorecard criteria
  • Get the overall rating
  • Rate your candidates

Task Management

A powerful ultimate task manager keeps you up to date with everything.

  • Create Tasks easily
  • Assign your team members
  • Associate them with candidates/clients etc.
  • Automatic Reminders & Alerts


Centralize your calendar and event management to organize your processes.

  • Synchronized with Google & Outlook Calendar
  • Task management
  • Call reminder management
  • Interview management
  • Event management

Automated Reminders

Reminds you about the important calls and discussion. Stakeholders get the timely follow-ups too.

  • Call reminder
  • Task reminder
  • Interview reminder
  • Email & grow reminders

Activity Stream

It’s the best way to see the steps taken for the candidates and to check the communication history. Everything in one space and well-organised.

  • End to end activity tracking
  • Notes
  • Email & SMS history
  • Task history


Forget to keep watch on multiple mailboxes. Keep everything in the center and on the table.

  • Team email
  • Resume import

Two-way Email Sync

Use your mailbox anywhere – anytime with the two-way email synchronization.

  • Sync email from mobile
  • Complete email history


Start communicating with your candidates and clients with VOIP calls and SMS.

  • Two way SMS sync
  • VOIP call to Candidate


Chat with your colleagues and keep them updated and share the information quickly.

  • Collaborate with your team
  • History for future


Achieve the best GDPR compliance with the system.

  • Consent management
  • Reports
  • Consent history
  • Candidate self-service options

Team Report

Manage your team performance with the team reports.

  • Submission
  • Placements
  • Success rate
  • Interviews
  • Activities

Batch (Electronic) Report

The system will generate the report on your preferences (eg., daily, weekly monthly) and you can have these reports into your mailbox directly. Hence, no need to login into the system just for the report.

  • Report scheduling – Weekly, monthly, yearly
  • No need to login to get the reports
  • Configure report recipient emails
  • Excel reports

Time to Hire Report

This report will help you to understand how much time your team is taking to fill out the positions and how much time it takes for candidate onboarding.

  • Time to hire
  • Time to fill

Other Reports

Besides, we have several other reports that can help you to understand the loopholes in your hiring process, which can improve your process and help you hire better!

  • Employee Referral Report
  • GDPR Report
  • Job Report
  • Projection Revenue Report
  • Client Report

Candidate Relationship Management

Serve the best candidate experience with the candidate relationship management features.

  • Easy job application through the career page
  • Automated emails about interview and application status
  • Candidate self-service portal
  • Smooth onboarding

Client Relationship Management

Satisfy your clients with the expected results. Build a strong relationship with your clients.

  • Client self-service portal
  • Client reports
  • Client tracker
  • Invoice and payment

Vendor Relationship Management

Boost your business working with the external vendors and import them into the system.

  • Create and manage vendors
  • Allow submission to the vendors
  • Share jobs with vendors
  • Limit access to information

Lead Management

Use killer B2B lead management strategies with the best lead management module.

  • Manage leads & contacts
  • Email
  • Tracking with workflow stages
  • Convert to client

Freelancer Relationship Management

Work freely with the freelancers. Secure your data at the same time with the access restrictions.

  • Create and manage a freelancer
  • Allow vendor to submission
  • Share jobs with vendors
  • Limit access to information

Interviewer Relationship Management

Interview Management becomes easy and automated with advanced features.

  • Automated email
  • Synchronize with Gmail & Outlook
  • Reminders
  • Feedback
  • Collaborate with the client, candidate, interviewer

Candidate Onboarding

Onboard your candidates with the smooth process of hiring.

  • Add joining Details
  • Manage Documents
  • Process Onboarding

Candidate Self Service

Allow your candidates to browse the jobs and do further actions on their own. Deliver the best candidate experience to your candidates.

  • Registration & login
  • Check application status
  • Submit application
  • Interview information

Client Self Service

Work closely with your customers and allow them to do key actions on their own with the portal. Deliver the best client experience to your clients.

  • Login to portal
  • Shortlist or reject the candidate
  • Propose interview
  • Create the job
  • Communicate with recruiter

Resume Parser

Powerful resume parser to reduce your manual data entry work to a great extent.

  • Key field parsing
  • Multiple language support
  • Customize skill parsing
  • Automated

AI-based job matching

Suggest the most compatible job to your candidate with the Artificial Intelligence job matching technology.

  • Job Matching Score
  • Direct Assign Option

AI-based candidate matching

Scan your entire candidate database and identify the best matching candidates for the job using our powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

  • Profile Matching Score
  • Request to Apply


Work with the future of recruiting – work with chatbots. Give your candidates the best experience. Ask anything, anytime.

  • Virtual Presence
  • Best User Experience
  • 24*7 Availability
  • No Chance for Mistake

Please note that pricing varies depending on your requirements. Please get in touch with us for more information, or simply fill out the form below.

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Almost everything in iSmartRecruit can be personalised to meet all your business needs. iSmartRecruit can be easily adapted to match your recruitment workflow.

AI Based Matching

AI-based technology calculates the matching score and helps you to process the right candidate in the least time.

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