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The industry-leading POS system

Lightspeed is more than a POS – it’s a cloud-based solution at the center of your business, online and in store.

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Level up your business model with this retail ePOS system
With this advanced eCom solution at your fingertips, boasting loyalty and contactless payments, you have an integrated ePOS ready to turn heads. Level up your retail game with this industry leading game changer.


Get the restaurant ePOS for the new era of hospitality.
No matter your business type, adapt and grow your business through delivery, contactless payments and customisable floor plans and more with Lightspeed Restaurant.


Golf course management in one simple package.
Fully integrate your business with the all-new golf ePOS and golf management software. From on the course, to sitting in the restaurant, Lightspeed has you covered.

Manage your entire business in one place.

No matter how crazy your day gets, LightSpeed POS will always keep you in control and help your staff stay efficient.

  • Custom floor plans
  • Multiple menu and modifier management
  • Timed events
  • Workflow and printer management
  • Staff management

Work offline, just like you do online.

Internet or no Internet, it’s business as usual for a smooth shift from start to finish.

  • Uninterrupted service
  • Fully-featured offline mode
  • Automatic syncs and backups

Faster turnaround with tableside ordering.

Whether customers are at a table, bar or on the terrace, always offer them on-the-spot service.

  • Assign orders to seats or tables
  • Send orders to the kitchen or bar and fire courses as needed
  • Manage takeout and delivery orders
  • Split or group bills and transfer items
  • Divide items between customers
  • Preset modifiers to speed up order-taking

Safer payments. Quicker checkout.

Handle all swipes, transfers, taps, tips and splits, with an EMV-compliant terminal and PCI-certified software at no extra cost.

  • Transfer items to a different table or guest
  • Offer single seat checkout to group orders
  • Add tip on the spot or later once you have time
  • Open tabs and place orders on account
  • Set tip redistribution for the team

A POS that scales with your business

Opening a new location? Quickly add it in your restaurant POS and you’re instantly ready to go.

  • Overview of your entire business
  • Manage everything from one place
  • Watch over every location from anywhere
  • Fully-featured solution you’ll never outgrow

Integrate with your favourite tools.

Whether we built it or integrate with it, you’ll find all the expert tools you need to customise your Lightspeed system right here.


Software Benefits

Run reports from anywhere.

Get unrestricted access to all your data and reports via iPad, mobile phone or desktop computer.

  • Find out what’s making (or losing) you revenue
  • Track staff performance and shifts
  • Get a live, customizable feed of revenue centers
  • Opt for Lightspeed Advanced Reporting for deeper insights

The kind of support you’ve always wanted.

We’ll go the extra mile because we think the best things in life are supposed to be free.

  • One-on-one onboarding session. For free, of course.
  • Webinars, demos and videos. Again, all totally free.
  • Unlimited 24/7 support. And it’s free, but you knew that.

Everything you need, in one place. Finally.

All our softwares integrate seamlessly to each other, making it an unbeatable suite of hospitality solutions.

  • One company to trust – One source of customer data – One support team
  • Get one fully-integrated offering
  • Choose from basic to premium features to best meet your needs

Top it off with shiny, new hardware.

Or use what you already have if that’s easier for you. LightSpeed POS offer top-quality gear tailored specifically to your need, that can handle the hustle of your busiest shifts.

Please note that pricing varies depending on your requirements. please get in touch with us for more information, or simply fill out the form below.

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