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Connect spreadsheets, automate your work.

Sheetgo is the no-code automation tool for teams. Create custom workflows to collect, manage and share data — all from a spreadsheet.

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Transfer data between Google Sheets, Excel & CSV files.



Filter , consolidate, append and distribute.



Schedule automatic updates.


Software Benefits

Transfer data between Google Sheets, Excel, CSV and TSV files

Create a Sheetgo connection and watch your data move from one sheet to another instantly. Select any file or folder from Google Drive.

Switch on automatic updates

Select how often you want updates: hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. The data flows automatically so there’s no need to open the spreadsheet.

Take remote collaboration to another level

Boost Google Sheets’ collaboration power by connecting sheets in a custom workflow. Push and pull data around the globe, providing teams, customers and other stakeholders with the data they need — automatically.

Filter the data you need

Import or export the exact data you need with Sheetgo’s powerful filter. Filter by condition, cell color, or use QUERY.

Track changes over time

The append feature adds new data underneath previous entries in the sheet so you can identify and track historical changes to dynamic data.

Please note that pricing varies depending on your requirements. Simply fill out the form below for more information. You can also try a free trial by clicking the button below!

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Preset templates for managing inventory, tracking attendance, monitoring cash flow and more.

No Coding

No coding needed, just sheets!

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