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  • ECO Friendly. Moving your business and business cards to full digital is also saving the environment. No more printing old fashion business cards and catalogs which saves a lot of paper. No more printing pages and pages. Everything is uploaded directly on our online application for finance feature and linked directly to a designated email address.
  • You are able to reach customers beyond borders. (No more running out of business cards when you need it most)
  • We have individual domain names that allows your customer to find you on Google on any internet device (Cell, laptop, computer, tablets etc).
  • It allows you to give more information than a normal business card e.g.: company logo, name and position, all your contacts, pictures, address, GPS co-ordinates and virtual showrooms etc.
  • The Business card is just an SMS (BBM, WhatsApp, Email, Skype, Viber etc) away from anybody and it’s online so you’ll always have access to it.
  • It can be updated at any time (when changing companies, designation, address etc.) within an hour. (This cuts re-printing costs drastically). That’s why we call it BC for life. No more throwing away old business cards because they are outdated.
  • We also have a feature where by all data can be captured on every application feature been used on the digital business card and put into graphs. All data can be used every month improve efficiency and profitability of your company. Most important; it’s cost effective: there is a once off set up fee and after that there is small hosting fee as your domain has to be hosted on our server. This way you will save a lot of money in a long term.
  • Your digital business cards will be exposed on our domain directory along with the rest of your clients.
  • Who needs a Digital Business Card besides everyone: Real estate professionals, Beauty professionals, Financial professionals, Sales professionals, Service business, Restaurants, Attorneys, Photographers.

Business cards can include the following interactive tabs and many more can be customized:

  • Click to email
  • Click to call
  • Click to find directions to your office on the GPS coordinates
  • Click to Stock List
  • Click to Specials
  • Click to order parts
  • Virtual Showroom

Business Card Demos

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