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Email Marketing

Increase business conversions by adding email marketing to your digital efforts.

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Email marketing is the best way to stay in touch with your customers. It traverses demographics.

Allowing you a more personalized mode of engagement with your given target audience, and increases your overall sales at a very affordable cost. Being able to reach out to your audience in a personalised way allows for enhanced lead nurturing capabilities. Depending on whether your audience is in the awareness, consideration or decision phase, email marketing is able to connect on these levels and further nurture your leads funnel.

By adding email marketing to your digital efforts, you are able to engage with your customers in real time. More and more of the population is turning to using their mobile devices as their main mode of communication through emails, and a well-designed email has the highest conversion rates on mobile that any other medium!

Our Process

Our 6-step approach to email marketing


Set measurable goals

Always consider the end goal of your email marketing campaign.


Choose an email template or build one from scratch

Each time you send out an email you could create one standard template or build a new one each time. Depending on the success of previous campaigns, you can better decide on which option to go for.


Write enticing email copy

Subject line, headline, body copy and CTA’s all need to be carefully thought out.


Comply with email regulations to stay out of SPAM folder

Always make sure your recipients have the option to unsubscribe if needed.


Review, test and send out your email marketing campaign

Always have a pre-send checklist.


Measure Results

Unique opens, click through rates, bounce rates and unsubscribe lists are just a few of the ways you can measure the success of your campaigns.

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Strategy Phase

The initial phase requires the client to provide us with either an existing database, or setup a means of gathering said database of email recipients.
Once the database has been created we will proceed to clean it up, and remove instances of non responsive and ‘fake’ email addresses. This serves as a means to save overall costs and increase sales strike rates.

After the database is sufficiently optimised, we will then load it into the email campaign program we work with, and create ’email ads’ suited to the clients marketing needs and sales objectives.

From there, we create and test templates, subject lines, headlines and body copy.
Once the email is ready to send, a copy will be sent to the client for approval.

The total number of emails sent per day are a maximum of 50,000. Should the database given exceed this number, the campaign will be split over a number of days, making sure the full number of database entries is utilised.


Analytic Phase

There are various metrics that one can use to ascertain the effectiveness of a recent email marketing campaign.
There is open rate, bounce rate, click through rate, subscribe, unsubscribe and so forth.
This combined with the efforts of the client to track where their sales are coming from, allows for analytical reporting to be most accurate.

Once the email campaign has been sent out the below Data is then extracted and correlated from the return rate of replies to the email address given.
After that it is then up to the team to close the deal and work the closing ratios out from there with below information provide:

I.e. amount of open emails divided by the number of email replies then divided by deals closed and won.

Optimisation Phase

Based on what analytics shows, one can tweak and change the email marketing campaign tactics to increase overall performance. Thus increasing open rate, and ultimately sales from those read emails.

Email marketing allows you to reach your customers based on where they are in the conversion funnel. Incorporate email marketing into your digital offering and nurture leads in an analytical and tactical way.

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