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How Unleashed changed business for Enterprise Ethanol

For a business to run efficiently, visibility over inventory stock is a prerequisite. By implementing inventory management software such as Unleashed, companies can have one source of information at the heart of their business which enables them to make well-informed business decisions.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s Peter Frangiskakis from Enterprise Ethanol on how better visibility over inventory, costs, and margins have given them a whole new insight into their operating processes.

Enterprise Ethanol

Enterprise Ethanol is a business that deals with 99% pure alcohol. Our South African-based business distributes ethanol to a variety of businesses — pharmaceutical, cosmetics, perfume and even to the automotive industry.

Enterprise Ethanol

Finding the right solution

For a long time, we were managing our inventory on scraps of paper and multiple spreadsheets and estimating. As we grew, we knew we couldn’t continue this way.

The business tried using Sage but was limited by its inability to track stock and we found that it wasn’t accurately reflecting our costs.

When I joined the company, we started looking at cloud-based software. We had an idea of what kind of inventory management software we wanted: it had to be easy for everyone at work to use, integrate with other cloud software like Xero and Vend, and provide accuracy and transparency across the business. Unleashed was the solution that best fitted our requirements.

Automating our assembly process

Implementing Unleashed has changed the way we run our business for the better!

We have a complicated assembly process due to the chemicals we handle. This process used to be quite manual — we’d have to ask someone in the warehouse who knew what goes into the chemicals – which left a lot of room for human error. Unleashed’s Bill of Materials feature has helped us make our assembly process automated and accurate.

We’ve leveraged Unleashed to get a whole new insight into our operating world. Before adopting the software, we were never able to see how much stock we were holding and what the value of that stock was. Not only did this lead to regular stockouts, but we also couldn’t quantify our business with metrics and numbers.

Now, we have visibility through the whole process. This enables us to cut down on waste, order the right amount of stock, and know exactly how much we’re using.

Don’t let your inventory control you. Contact us today to help you get started with Unleashed Software.