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How The Cloud Could Transform Your Business

How The Cloud Could Transform Your Business

Hotel management software company, Preno, shares how cloud-based solutions like theirs can help propel your business forward.

All businesses rely on a system, but not all systems were created equal. For many business owners, outdated tools like spreadsheets and hand-written notes are still the norm. But no matter how on-point your Excel game is, there’s still a more accurate, efficient, and speedy way to run things – and it’s cloud-based software.

At Preno, we’ve designed hotel management software that’s changing the way accommodation owners run their businesses. Here’s how embracing the cloud could change your business, too.

Cloud-based software keeps things running like a well-oiled machine

Switching to a cloud-based solution is a shortcut to streamlining your business’s processes. There are software solutions designed specifically for almost every industry, so whatever your business is, there will likely be a cloud-based system that will help you run it like clockwork.

For example, Preno helps hoteliers and luxury lodge owners…

  • Save time manually contacting guests by setting up automated, personalised email responses.
  • Link up with cloud-based accounting software to keep all financial data accurate and up-to-date.
  • Plan ahead for busy periods by keeping track of upcoming events and holidays.
  • Instantly send out housekeeping updates to every staff member.
  • Simplify the onboarding process by sticking to just one system instead of multiple disconnected tools.
  • Keep all information – from bookings to financials – in one central place that the whole team can access from any device, at any time, from anywhere.

Smart systems can help you create the ultimate customer experience

These days, a business is about so much more than the product or service it’s selling. It’s about providing a unique experience that’s truly memorable for all the right reasons. Cloud-based software can help you make that experience a reality. If you own a luxury lodge, you can use Preno to build guest profiles – recording preferences and quirks, and keeping notes about special requests like extra beds, allergies, or bottles of bubbly on arrival. You can also make checking in and out swift and seamless by recording guest payment details ahead of time.

Whatever industry you’re in, it always pays to learn more about your customers, so you can better cater to their needs. And with the right software on your side, a personally tailored experience is all part of the service.

An integrated solution will keep every corner of your business covered

Many of the best cloud-based solutions are designed to work seamlessly with other software. That means you can connect multiple platforms to create the unique end-to-end system your business needs.

Preno’s integration with Lightspeed Kounta POS is a great example. Lightspeed Kounta POS is a world-class point-of-sale system that keeps your operations, inventory, transactions, food, and room charges in order. Use the two platforms together, and you can get both your front-of-house and back-of-house working in perfect harmony.

The right software can pave the way to more informed business decisions

The more informed you are of your business’s performance, the more opportunities you’ll have to improve it. Most cloud-based solutions come with sophisticated reporting tools, designed to give you deeper insights into your business. These reports can fill you in on your best-performing areas, and show you where there’s room for improvement.

For example, Preno offers daily, weekly, and monthly reports on details like occupancy rates, revenue, and booking sources. It’s information like this that lets you take total control, and make focused decisions that will bring your business to a whole new level.

Cloud-based software has the power to change your business for the better.

To find out how Preno’s property management software could transform the way you run your lodge, talk to the Preno team today, or trial the software for free.

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