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Unleashed’s Advanced Inventory Manager

Unleashed is a cloud-based inventory management software that provides businesses with a range of features to help them streamline their inventory management processes. 

One of the key features of Unleashed is its Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM), which provides businesses with the tools they need to manage their inventory effectively and efficiently.

What is AIM in Unleashed? 

AIM is a module in Unleashed designed to help businesses automate and optimise their inventory management processes, from purchasing and receiving to warehousing and shipping. With the AIM module, businesses can get real-time visibility into their inventory levels, track inventory movements, and make informed decisions about inventory management.

AIM is like an inventory management cheat sheet – it helps you do more, faster.

Once subscribing to the AIM module within Unleashed, all superusers will have full access to the functionality, including the ability to examine and filter on any of the insights, use the modelling page, add or update product forecasts, submit changes, check the transaction log and rollback changes.

All other roles require Role Permission to be unlocked. They will have read-only access to AIM with certain ‘roles’ unlocked. You will need to toggle the ‘Edit’ checkbox to allow users to save and submit changes through AIM.

On the AIM page you have additional tabs for Insights, Modelling and Transaction logs.

  • The Insights tab provides rich visualisations, grouping your products into useful sets with actions and/or callouts to help you to focus on what is important to your business. It gives you insight into your stock positions, product controls, sales status and segments (product sets per grouping).
  • The Modelling tab allows users to do bulk updates on Lead Days, Min and Max stock levels or really focus on a specific selection of products.
  • The Transaction Log tab provides you with a read-only list of all changes submitted using the AIM Modelling page with the latest transaction at the top of the page on the left. Each transaction will have a status which could be: pending, active, inactive, mixed or failed. 
  • And coming soon, is the Product Forecasting panel which will allow business owners or purchase managers to add forecasted units sold or used in assemblies for the selected product. It will show you the Historical Performance of a product showing the number of units sold and/or used in assemblies per month on the “Product Life Cycle” chart.

Unleashed’s Advanced Inventory Manager

Here are some of the key features of AIM that businesses can take advantage of:

  1. Multi-warehouse management: AIM allows you to manage inventory across multiple warehouses, giving you greater visibility and control over stock levels and locations.
  2. Batch and serial number tracking: With AIM, you can track inventory by batch or serial number, enabling you to quickly identify and manage stock at a granular level.
  3. Product expiry tracking: AIM allows you to track product expiry dates, ensuring that you can proactively manage inventory and minimise wastage.
  4. Customisable workflows: AIM enables you to customise your inventory management workflows to suit your business processes, ensuring greater efficiency and productivity.
  5. Advanced reporting: AIM provides a range of advanced reporting capabilities, enabling you to analyse inventory data and make informed business decisions.
  6. Stock strategies: You can use AIM to calculate New Min and Max values for your products using different Stock strategies (Just in Time (default), Stock Days, or Manual entry).
  7. Stock Level positions: Easily group your inventory into Stock Level positions allowing you to identify Overstock, Understock, Within Limits stock, and Unspecified stock. 
  8. Product controls: Product controls are one of the most important settings in Unleashed to help manage stock levels. With AIM you are able to see if your current stock on hand falls below the minimum so you know when it is time to reorder. 

Unleashed’s Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM) is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes streamline their inventory management processes and improve efficiency by preventing stock shortages and eliminating overstocking. AIM helps businesses maintain healthy stock levels when faced with changing lead times and demand. It is a fantastic tool for any business that wants to optimise their inventory management processes. 

Radical Cloud Solutions are proud implementation partners of Unleashed. We offer comprehensive training and support for companies of all sizes. Let us know if you’d like to find out more about the powerful capabilities of Unleashed and how you can use it to streamline your operations.