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Elevate education

Simple, flexible, & secure tools with Google Workspace for Education

Make collaboration easier, streamline instruction, & keep your learning environment secure with Google Workspace for Education. Use the tools for free, or add enhanced capabilities to suit the needs of your institution.

More than 170 million students and educators are using Google Workspace for Education.

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Google Workspace for Education

Enhance Class Instruction

Utilize easy-to-use learning tools for better collaboration and connection.

Boost Productivity

Save time by creating, organizing, sharing, and grading all in one place.

Elevate Student Work

Help students turn in their best work with simple tools to support learning.

Protect Your School Data

Keep everyone’s work, identity, and privacy safe with proactive security features and controls.

Our Licence Options

Choose the Google Workspace for Education edition that’s right for your institution

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals

Bring your school community together with a free suite of tools that enable better communication and collaboration.

Includes essential education tools and features like:

  • Collaboration tools including Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and more
  • Communication tools including Google Meet, Gmail, and Chat
  • Data loss prevention for Gmail and Drive
  • Can be used in compliance with FERPA, COPPA and GDPR

Google Workspace for Education Standard

Level up with advanced security, analytics, and controls to safeguard against evolving digital threats.

Includes everything in Education Fundamentals, as well as:

  • Security center to proactively prevent, detect, and remediate threats
  • Advanced device and app management to perform audits and enforce security and app access rules
  • Gmail log and Classroom log export for insights and analysis in BigQuery

Teaching and Learning Upgrade

Enhance instructional impact with advanced video communication, enriched class experiences, and tools to drive academic integrity.

Includes everything in Education Fundamentals, as well as:

  • Meetings with up to 250 participants and live streams with up to 10,000 in-domain viewers using Meet
  • Premium engagement features in Meet including interactive Q&As, polls, breakout rooms, and more
  • Classroom add-ons to directly integrate your favorite tools and content (Coming Soon)
  • Unlimited originality reports and the ability to check for peer matches across a private repository of past student work

Google Workspace for Education Plus

Transform your school with a comprehensive solution incorporating advanced security and analytics, enhanced teaching and learning tools, and more.

Includes everything in Education Standard and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, as well as:

  • Live streams with up to 100,000 in-domain viewers using Meet
  • Sync rosters directly to Classroom from any Student Information System
  • Personalized Cloud Search for your domain to make information accessible and easy to find
  • Faster response times from a support team of product specialists

Google Classroom

This amazing tool, part of Google Workspace for Education, is your all-in-one place for teaching and learning.
Our easy-to-use and secure tool helps educators manage, measure, and enrich learning experiences.

Save time and simplify everyday tasks

  • Switch from class to assignment to student in just a few clicks
  • Track student progress in your gradebook and export scores to your school’s student information system (SIS)
  • Keep grading consistent and transparent with rubrics displayed alongside student work
  • Store frequently used phrases in a customizable comment bank
  • Prepare and schedule tasks, assignments, and quizzes across multiple classes and track how students are engaging with Classroom tools
  • Integrate your favorite edtech tools with Classroom add-ons

Google Workspace for Education
Enhance student learning

Enhance student learning experiences

  • Give students the ability to adjust accessibility settings so they can learn in the way that works best for them — even in multiple languages
  • Keep everyone on track with student to-do and teacher to-review pages, and due dates that automatically appear on student calendars when classwork is created
  • Upload coursework documents automatically as templates to give each student their own copy of an assignment when it is created
  • Enable students to check their own work for recommended citations by scanning it against hundreds of billions of web pages and over 40 million books with originality reports
  • Allow students to snap and submit a picture of their paper homework quickly and easily with improved image capturing
  • Scan student submissions for potential plagiarism against your domain’s repository of past student work

Operate with ease using tools for visibility, insights, and control

  • Access Classroom audit logs right from the Admin console to investigate events in depth and pinpoint performance or security issues
  • Use reports to investigate issues — like who deleted a student or class — and bring learning back online quickly and easily
  • Serve educational communities of any size
  • Create and manage classes at scale by syncing Classroom rosters from your student information system (SIS)
  • Install third-party edtech tools to multiple teachers at once with Classroom add-ons
  • Export Classroom logs to BigQuery to analyze adoption, engagement, and more
  • Choose from a range of Classroom upgrades to layer on additional capabilities for your unique institution

Operate with ease
Stay secure and compliant

Stay secure and compliant

  • Rely on our global network built with multilayered, full-stack security that can handle extreme shifts in demand, and a guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Upholds the most rigorous global education standards for security and privacy — and is regularly audited by third-party organizations
  • Use Classroom 100% ad-free, plus students’ personal information will not be used to create ad profiles for targeting
  • Ensure only account holders with a unique sign-in can access a Google for Education domain, plus restrict all class activity to class members only

Got a Question? We’re here to help!

Contact us today if you have more questions about how Google Workspace for Education can work for your organization.

Google Workspace for Education offers Education Fundamentals to all qualifying institutions at no cost (free). For those that want more premium features, Google also offers paid editions including Education Standard, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus.

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals is free for all qualifying institutions. Education Standard, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus are paid editions.

For pricing information and specific features included in each of the Google Workspace for Education editions, please contact us using the form above.

All editions provide schools with 100TB of storage shared across the institution. Additional storage is provided with the Teaching and Learning Upgrade and Education Plus editions based on the number of licenses purchased.

It depends and varies based on the intended combination of editions.

You must have an Education Fundamentals edition to upgrade to any of the other editions (Education Standard, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, or Education Plus).

You cannot have Education Plus in combination with Education Standard or the Teaching and Learning Upgrade — only Education Fundamentals.

You can have a combination of Education Standard and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade at the same time. Although we believe the maximum value of those combined editions can be realized in Education Plus, we wanted to be as flexible as possible to school community needs.

Yes, Google offers automatic discounts for customers that contractually commit to a multi-year purchase (two years or more) of Google Workspace for Education Plus.

All paid Google Workspace for Education editions are annual subscriptions, and pricing is locked for the duration of the subscription term.

Customers who purchase the Teaching and Learning Upgrade can add Education Standard at any time (and vice versa) as well as upgrade to Education Plus.

Customers can reevaluate continuing with their subscription or downgrade at the end of their subscription term.

All paid Google Workspace for Education editions are available as annual subscriptions, and pricing is locked for the duration of the subscription term. However, institutions can also purchase the Teaching and Learning Upgrade on a monthly subscription, as an alternative to purchasing it as an annual subscription.

Yes, as an authorized Google Workspace for Education partner, we can provision 60 day trials for Education Plus, Education Standard, and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade. 50 licenses are provided for the trial.

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