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Cybersecurity and Backup

RADSPY Data Protection

Protect your enterprise and your customers with account takeover and fraud prevention solutions backed by the largest and most up-to-date collection of recaptured data from breaches, malware-infected devices, and other underground sources.

A New & Better Way to Protect Your Enterprise

RADSPY’s enterprise account takeover solutions are the missing piece in your security puzzle – the only solutions that put Recaptured Data at the forefront. RADSPY enables enterprises to quickly identify legitimate users vs. potential criminals using stolen information in order to prevent account takeover that leads to ransomware.


The Largest Collection of Recaptured Data

More than 170B assets recaptured from tens of thousands of breaches, millions of malware-infected devices, and other covert sources. This data powers our Account Takeover Prevention solutions that protect hundreds of global enterprises, including half of the Fortune 10.


Insights from Botnet Logs

Identify employees whose corporate or personal devices are infected with malware, meaning their credentials and potentially sensitive company information is exposed to criminals. These high-severity exposures are flagged by RADSPY for immediate remediation.

Employee ATO Prevention

Employee account takeover is a type of online fraud that occurs when attackers use stolen logins to gain access to corporate accounts. When employees reuse passwords across multiple online accounts, criminals can exploit credentials that have been exposed in third-party data breaches to access their corporate accounts.

RADSPY Employee Account Takeover Prevention enables enterprises to stay ahead of account takeover and targeted attacks like ransomware by detecting and resetting compromised passwords early, before criminals have a chance to use them.

VIP Protection

Employee account takeover can result in substantial losses for enterprises. Senior executives, board members, and employees with privileged access are all at especially high risk of being targeted, and attackers may use creative methods to infiltrate their accounts. While corporate logins can be protected by enterprise security teams, executives’ personal accounts fall outside of corporate control. If an executive’s personal password is exposed in a data breach, their unprotected accounts may provide entry points for a motivated attacker to access corporate resources.

RADSPY VIP Guardian helps you extend your employee account takeover prevention strategy to key executives’ personal accounts for an added layer of protection, without invading their privacy. With RADSPY, you can give executives access to their own breach data and empower them to protect their vulnerable accounts.

Active Directory Guardian

Protect your enterprise from account takeover with Active Directory Guardian. When a third-party data breach exposes your Active Directory users’ credentials, criminals have an open door to your enterprise.

With RADSPY Active Directory Guardian, you can prevent, detect, and reset compromised AD passwords automatically — checking credentials for exposure against the largest collection of recaptured breach data in the world.

Get Rich Insights From Recaptured Data

Underground data exists for everyone (employees, VIPs, and vendors). Now you can access Recaptured Data – compromised credentials and PII exposed in the criminal underground – that’s relevant to your enterprise without any effort on your part to find it, curate it, and make it actionable.

Empower your security team with the insights they need to take swift action to lock down vulnerable accounts protect your enterprise from cyberattacks that leverage stolen data

Automatically Overcome Password Reuse

Your workforce will continually find ways to break the rules and reuse passwords across multiple online accounts outside your corporate control.

RADSPY fixes the security challenges posed by password reuse by screening accounts for passwords that have ever appeared in our database of billions of exposed passwords so you can automatically block or reset those compromised passwords.

A New Way to Protect Your Customers & Your Bottom Line

RADSPY transforms recaptured data from breaches, malware-infected devices, and other underground sources to reveal insights about the identities of your customers – which are legitimate and which are potentially criminals using stolen data? This no longer has to be a guessing game.

Our insights let you take informed action to combat account takeover and online fraud, identify malware-infected consumers, preserve profits, and protect your brand reputation.

What Makes RADSPY Different?

With recaptured data you can reduce fraud losses for your business and protect your customers from account takeover so they keep coming back again and again.

Protect Your Customers From Account Takeover Fraud

Account takeover is a common form of fraud in which criminals use stolen credentials to gain illegitimate access to a victim’s accounts, often using credentials that have been exposed in previous data breaches. When your consumers reuse passwords, they become easy targets for cybercriminals.

With RADSPY Consumer Account Takeover Prevention, you can detect and remediate stolen passwords before bad actors have a chance to use them. RADSPY checks your consumer credentials against the largest repository of recaptured data in the world (data from third-party breaches, malware-infected devices, and other underground sources) and alerts you to exposures that could put your consumers at risk.

Using the RADSPY API, you can easily integrate RADSPY data into your existing workflows and applications, including common SIEMs and TIPs. The API provides high-volume access to the RADSPY dataset to help you detect matches, reset exposed credentials, and support your overall consumer account takeover prevention strategy.

Make faster, more accurate fraud decisions using recaptured data from criminal communities.

In a market saturated with anti-fraud and identity verification tools, even the most sophisticated programs are missing insights into data circulating the criminal underground that is allowing criminals to evade detection and perpetrate account takeover, identity fraud, and new account fraud.

RADSPY Identity Risk Engine provides what no other anti-fraud and identity verification solutions can: actionable, predictive fraud risk assessments based on breach data and malware-stolen credentials, recaptured from the criminal underground using human intelligence (HUMINT).

Overcome Poor Consumer Password Hygiene

Your customers will continually reuse passwords across multiple online accounts that are subjected to third-party breaches, putting them – and your business – at risk of losses from online fraud. Worse, consumer frustration can result in lasting damage to your reputation and brand.

RADSPY heads off ATO fraud by checking your consumers’ credentials against billions of recaptured underground assets in our database. With advance notice that your customers’ accounts are vulnerable, you can prevent online fraud by resetting passwords or choosing an appropriate step-up authentication path to validate user identities.

The Missing Piece of Your Fraud Prevention Framework

For years, criminals have stolen and exploited consumers’ personal data. It’s time we make that same data work for us in the fight to prevent fraud.

RADSPY is the only provider using recaptured data for fraud prevention, delivering actionable analytics that can be used to drive faster, more accurate fraud decisions based on which customers are at the highest risk of account takeover, new account fraud, and synthetic identity.

Stop the Hardest-to-Detect Fraud

Malware-infected devices create an extreme risk for online fraud and identity theft. Malware provides the proverbial keys to the kingdom; beyond login credentials, criminals have access to device and session cookies that allow them to bypass MFA and impersonate your consumers.

RADSPY identifies consumers whose cookies have been siphoned by malware, enabling enterprises to invalidate their active sessions so criminals can’t use them to take over their accounts.

Transform Your Investigations

Just like the rest of us, criminals rely on online accounts that are subject to data breaches. RADSPY accelerates investigations by making data recovered from those breaches actionable for investigators.

Drawing on billions of records recovered from third-party breaches, RADSPY enables investigators to piece together decades-worth of bad actors’ digital breadcrumbs to unmask the identities of specific adversaries engaging in fraud and other criminal activities.

Fight Financial Fraud

One Fortune 100 financial services company uses RADSPY to investigate threat actors who could put their customers at risk of fraud and identity theft.

Stop Human Trafficking

Zero Trafficking supports investigations into human trafficking cases for an estimated 40 million victims worldwide with RADSPY.

Investigate Retail Cyber Fraud

Retailers use RADSPY to investigate online fraud, which is often perpetuated using synthetic identities, and attribute threats to specific actors or groups.

Investigate Criminals Harming Your Business

Investigators all over the world use RADSPY’s repository of over 200 billion recovered breach assets and 50+ Maltego transforms to assist in their online fraud investigations. Used in conjunction with tools like Maltego, i2 Analyst Notebook, and Jupyter Notebook, RADSPY Investigations stitches together information about criminal identities, such as IP addresses, usernames, and phone numbers to expose alternate criminal identities, PII of the criminal, and location data.

Use Criminals’ Data Against Them

Backed by the largest repository of recaptured underground data in the world, RADSPY Investigations enables fraud investigators to pivot on known data points to unlock criminal identities using exposed data tied to their various personas.

More data means more connections between threat actor personas, locations, and identities, speeding up the investigation process.

Understand How You Can Accelerate Investigations with Radspy

RADSPY investigations makes it faster and more efficient to de-anonymize malicious actors.

Draw on RADSPY's Rich Dataset and Maltego Tansforms to Help Your Team

  • Uncover the true identities of specific criminals and their personas.
  • Profile criminal targets, identifying where they have had accounts and where they are operating.
  • Determine the origin of data used in credential stuffing attacks and identify the exposure of public applications to botnet credential stealers.
  • Research criminal campaigns and infrastructure, including the breadth and nature of malicious campaigns.
  • Understand internal and external user risks, from reused credentials to malware infections.

Maltego Transforms

Investigations can be used with tools like IBM i2 Analyst Notebook, Jupyter Notebook, and Maltego, an interactive data mining tool that renders directed graphs for link analysis. The tool is used in online fraud investigations to find relationships between pieces of information collected from various sources located on the internet.

RADSPY’s 50+ Maltego transforms allow investigators to use our rich dataset to research incidents. Powered by our API, investigators can pivot on a username, password, IP address, or email address and find a wealth of data.

Data Partnerships with RADSPY

Offering product teams fast, easy access to the most comprehensive breach data available.Looking to build or enhance your solutions with breach data? RADSPY is your ideal partner. We specialize in the earliest possible recapture of data exposed in third-party breaches and malware infections, and offer product teams access to the world’s most comprehensive and actionable repository of compromised credentials and PII.

Create New Revenue Streams

Increase Customer Acquisition

Improve Customer Retention

Differentiate Your Solution

Integrate with the Most Comprehensive Dark Web-Exposed Credential Collection in the Industry

Cyber security is all about getting actionable protection to your customers in a timely manner. If your offering isn’t powered by the most current data in a format your product can quickly consume, you’re at a clear competitive disadvantage in the market.

How We Do It

RADSPY utilizes human intelligence (HUMINT) and automated scanning to gain access to the same data the fraudsters use. Through our proprietary technology and tradecraft, we can share exposed data with our partners before it is used to cause harm, typically weeks or even months before it becomes available to “dark web scanners.”

The earlier third party breaches are discovered, the faster you can mitigate the risk and prevent collateral damage – but it all depends on the quality and quantity of data you have at your fingertips.

✓ Rock Solid Data
  • The most comprehensive, actionable data recaptured from the criminal underground.
  • Monthly ingests of ~1B breach assets.
  • Data from sources other companies can’t get and don’t know exist.
  • Data that makes your product effective at mitigating harm and empowering consumers to take immediate action.
✓ Plaintext Passwords
  • The most cracked passwords in the industry.
  • Cracking tens of millions of encrypted password hashes per month.
  • More than 90% of our 25 billion passwords are in plaintext format.
  • Our data means developers can prove user exposures with exact matches.


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