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Digital Marketing has been around ever since the first advert was advertised on the radio. These days with the advancement of the internet and Social media, businesses now have multiple avenues to advertise. Studies show that more people are spending time on their phones browsing the internet, who has time to look at a billboard or flyer? As for cost, Digital Marketing wins - hands down.

Advertising Platforms

Google Adwords

The most well known online marketing platform in the world. Advertise to people the moment they search for the products or services you offer. Reach more potential customers by placing ads on a variety of news sites, blogs, and other niche sites across the internet.

Facebook Ads

Over 2 billion people use Facebook, and with tons of data on it's users, they can serve them targeted ads that show them products that they are likely to buy, sites they tend to like or events they’d love to attend. Take advantage of this system for your business.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter Ads are designed to help you connect with a global audience, get results that drive action, and add value to your business. Create campaigns tailored to a variety of business goals - from driving website traffic to increasing brand awareness. 

LinkedIn Advertising

Reach your ideal customers on the world's largest professional network. Over 500 million active professionals are on LinkedIn. Target them by job title, function, industry, and more. Control your spend with flexible pricing options. Start with any budget and stop your ads at any time.

Youtube Advertising

Be seen where everyone is watching! With TrueView ads, reach potential customers when they watch or search for videos on YouTube. On mobile alone, more 18 to 49 year olds watch YouTube during prime time than any other video platform or television. 

Blog Creation

Our talented team can write articles relevant to your business or industry and publish them directly on your website, news updates, events, company milestones, we will post it directly on your website, with no fuss, and boosting your SEO score in the process! 

Reach out to your Customer Database

Our Mailing List service is designed to help your direct mail campaign reach your existing customers and acquire new ones. With a choice of flexible delivery options and precision targeting, we’ll help you get more from your mail campaign.

  • Self-Managed
  • FREE
    per Month
  • Inital $199 setup cost
  • Run and manage your own mailing lists.
  • Account setup and configuration
  • Mailing List template design
  • 10000 emails per month FREE (additional can be purchased)
  • Managed
  • $$99
    per Month
  • Account setup and configuration
  • Mailing List template design
  • 2 Mailshots a month (content supplied by client)
  • 10000 emails per month FREE (additional can be purchased)

Additionally: Clean your mailing list to remove bounced addresses using our cleaning service, from as little as $0.01 per address!

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