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Bulk Email Service

Increase your business conversions by integrating our Bulk Email Service into your digital strategy.

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Our Bulk Email Service is a powerful tool to maintain engagement with your audience. It provides an efficient mode of communication that can significantly boost your outreach at a low cost. By sending targeted emails, you ensure effective engagement at every stage, ensuring real-time connection. With the rise in mobile usage, well-designed bulk emails achieve the highest conversion rates.

Our Process

Our 6-step approach to Email Lead Nurturing


Set measurable goals

Define the end goals of your bulk email campaign.



Decide whether to use a standard template or create a new one based on past campaign successes.


Write enticing email copy

Carefully craft the subject line, headline, body, and CTAs.


Comply with email regulations

Make sure your emails are valid & Ensure recipients can unsubscribe to stay out of the spam folder.


Review, test and send

Follow a pre-send checklist before launching your campaign.


Measure Results

Analyze unique opens, click-through rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribe lists to evaluate success.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Team

Advanced Analytics

Transparent Communication

Data-Driven Optimization

Monthly Reporting

Google Partners

Customer Focused Strategy

In-house Ad designers

Strategy Phase

We start by obtaining an existing database or setting up a system to gather email addresses. We clean this database to remove non-responsive or fake addresses, saving costs and boosting sales success rates. The cleaned database is then uploaded to our email campaign platform, where we add and test templates, subject lines, and body copy. Each email is sent for client approval before distribution. We can send up to 50,000 emails per day, splitting larger databases over multiple days to ensure complete utilization.

Note: All email databases remain the property of the provider and are protected under the POPIA Act.

Analytic Phase

There are various metrics that one can use to ascertain the effectiveness of a recent email marketing campaign.
There is open rate, bounce rate, click through rate, subscribe, unsubscribe and so forth.
This combined with the efforts of the client to track where their sales are coming from, allows for analytical reporting to be most accurate.

Once the email campaign has been sent out the below Data is then extracted and correlated from the return rate of replies to the email address given.
After that it is then up to the team to close the deal and work the closing ratios out from there with below information provide:

I.e. amount of open emails divided by the number of email replies then divided by deals closed and won.

Optimisation Phase

Based on what analytics shows, one can tweak and change the email marketing campaign tactics to increase overall performance. Thus increasing open rate, and ultimately sales from those read emails.

We can also create personalized emails which can dynamically include the recipient’s name in the email body. As long as it is provided in the email list examples such as:

Dear John Doe
Dear Jane Doe

Our Packages

Step 1: Clean Your Email Lists

Ensure your email lists contain only valid addresses to improve deliverability, reduce bounce rates, and increase engagement.

Step 2: Email Template Design

Enhance your emails with a professional HTML template design, creating visually appealing and engaging messages.

Step 3: Send Emails to Your Lists

Use our user-friendly Bulk Mailing Service:

$25 per month for 20K email credits

$40 per month for 40K email credits

$65 per month for 100K email credits

$99 per month for 200K email credits

Step 4: Fully Managed Service

Fully Managed Service

3 Email Campaigns per month $99

5 Email Campaigns a month $149

10 Email Campaigns per month: $275

Custom Domain Licenses – $3 per month or $30 per year (2 months free)

Purchase custom domain licenses to set up custom domains for each brand on Radical Bulk Mail service so that unsubscribe, web version and all trackable links in emails you send will use its own custom domain instead of the domain you are used to. Brand users can also login to their accounts via a custom domain that you set such as

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