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Google Customer Success Story Motorland Klerksdorp: Using Google Workspace to stay on the safe side of the law

Finding a way out of risky storage 

How do we comply with finance and insurance legislature, on top of adhering to the POPI act regulations whilst storing our documentation on local hard drives? 

This was the question Motorland Klerksdorp was faced with when the risk of business theft left them questioning the safety of not only their equipment and machinery but more importantly, the information and confidential client information stored within. The situation was made worse by the problem of disordered integration between departments, making vehicle tracking, sales appointments, and stock tracking that much harder to regulate. 

These unsolved problems led Motorland Klerksdorp to cloud solution specialist Radical Cloud Solutions, a Google partner, enabled by Digicloud Africa (Google’s enablement partner in Africa), in search of a better solution. 

The grass is greener on the Google side  

Radical Cloud Solutions identified Google Drive as the ideal solution to administer storage that is securely encrypted but that can still be shared between workplace users for off-site storage of documents according to POPI and F&I regulations. By setting up Google Calendars to help manage the goings-on of the business, a concise overview of the vehicle fleet can be established and lend to efficient administration. The flawless integration of the system also makes it easy for work-related documents to be shared between employees, creating an enhanced workflow and communication. 

“Google has enabled us to move completely online in a cloud environment where things are safer & easier to manage. This has also helped us with compliance of South Africa’s new legislation regarding customer information known as the POPI act of 2003. With all our clients’ personal information being stored online in a cloud environment, we are now fully compliant with this act.” Pieter Booysen – Managing Director, Motorland Klerksdorp

A safer business means safer clients

With Google Drive, Motorland now has the means to store confidential financial documents in a secure, safe location – and for the required time span of 7 years. Google Drive keeps Motorland on the safe side of the law by helping them adhere to the legislature and regulations pertaining to the POPI Act, by ensuring that all clients’ personal information is encrypted and securely stored. The use of Google Calendars by members ensures that teams can keep an eye on booked vehicles as well as the condition that they’re in. And, booked vehicles in for repairs and parts are able to be checked alongside up-to-date deliveries.  

About Radical Cloud Solutions

Radical offers companies a one-stop-shop service for running your business digitally, encompassing cloud solutions, web hosting, web services and digital marketing. As a Google Cloud Partner and Digicloud Africa reseller, Radical Cloud Solutions supports businesses like Safeguard Zimbabwe to enhance productivity with Google Workspace apps and solutions.

Radical Cloud Solutions is a digital agency dedicated to getting your business into the cloud, and your brand noticed.

About Digicloud Africa

A proudly African business established to enable access to innovative cloud solutions through a robust network of resellers, Digicloud Africa (Pty) Ltd has been designed to support Google Cloud and has been appointed as the Reseller Enablement Partner of Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace products in Africa. We take great pride in our partnership with Google and strive to grow our footprint of specialised cloud resellers throughout Africa. Together, we aim to digitally transform businesses in Africa.