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Lilfordia School Google Customer Success Story: Thriving in an online world with Google Workspace

How do institutions keep their heads above water in the midst of Covid, power failures, missing documents and information and inadequate sharing mechanisms? 

If institutions could have a nervous breakdown, Lilfordia would have been on the brink. 

However, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and in this case, Radical Cloud Solutions together with Google Education, shone brighter than the sun. 

Lilfordia School sought the help of Radical Cloud Solutions in facing the challenges presented by Covid (and exacerbated by load shedding) in accessing and sharing information, submitting work, and maintaining good communication between staff members and students. Where before, Excel sheets and Word documents containing sensitive and important data were sent via email, new methods were needed as this information was prone to getting lost. And, with no scheduled backups or facilities on which to store data, Lilfordia found themselves in a bit of a mess. 

Luckily, Radical Cloud Solutions, a Google partner, enabled by Digicloud Africa (Google’s enablement partner in Africa), knew exactly how to save the day! 

Google to the rescue 

Radical Cloud Solutions pinpointed Google Workspace for Education as the hero of the story. This amazing software provided a fast and simple means to create folders and share documents and information between staff members and students. It also meant that no more data needed to disappear into the abyss due to its incredible backup function. Integrating Gmail, Classrooms and Google Meet gave teachers the ability to continue doing what they do best – even in the midst of a pandemic. These platforms bridged the communication gap between students and teachers, helping to maintain a close form of contact in a new online world. By implementing training on all Google Workspace tools, all relevant Lilfordia role players were set up for absolute success! 

Google has revolutionised our teaching capability, enhanced the IT skill sets of all teachers and enabled outstanding service delivery during the lockdown periods.  It has reduced the ‘paper trail’ considerably. The general service provision, administration and communication of our school have benefited greatly and have truly enhanced our reputation both with our parents and within the industry – Donald Campbell, Headmaster, Lilfordia School. 

No looking back 

Thanks to Google Workspace, there’s no need for faulty local network folders that can send even the best of us into a tailspin. The savvy user-friendly interface gave both staff and students an easy means to maintain productivity with no hiccups along the way. Gone are the days when Lilfordia was inundated with support requests. Today, because of Google Workspace, members are no longer bringing issues forward but are instead asking “how can I do this?”. Radical Cloud Solutions is proud to be partnered with a platform that yields inspired and proactive users! 

About Radical Cloud Solutions

Radical offers companies a one-stop-shop service for running your business digitally, encompassing cloud solutions, web hosting, web services and digital marketing. As a Google Cloud Partner and Digicloud Africa reseller, Radical Cloud Solutions supports institutions like Lilfordia School to enhance productivity with Google Workspace apps and solutions.

Radical Cloud Solutions is a digital agency dedicated to getting your business into the cloud, and your brand noticed.

About Digicloud Africa

A proudly African business established to enable access to innovative cloud solutions through a robust network of resellers, Digicloud Africa (Pty) Ltd has been designed to support Google Cloud and has been appointed as the Reseller Enablement Partner of Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace products in Africa. We take great pride in our partnership with Google and strive to grow our footprint of specialised cloud resellers throughout Africa. Together, we aim to digitally transform businesses in Africa.