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Damara: Google Technology Empowering Farming


Damara: Google Technology Empowering Farming

Saiwit Holdings trading as Damara Group was started in 2009 by David Kay, Robert Currie, and Murry
Evans as an agricultural commodities business in Zimbabwe. The three founders were like-minded
individuals, who are passionate about the environment and come from farming backgrounds in
Zimbabwe. As the idea of creating an agricultural inputs business began to take seed, David and Robert
met Randolf Meyer, a farmer and microbiologist from Rustenburg, South Africa. It was at this point that
this idea of a paradigm shift began to take shape, bridging the gap between conventional and
regenerative agriculture in Zimbabwe.

The initiation of the company was undoubtedly met with scepticism by many conventional farmers.
Faced with the generational history of teaching farmers how to farm, the concept of farming
regeneratively was daunting. This presented a challenge, and initially, David, Rob, and Murry were met
with resistance. In this their tenacity showed, putting in dedicated hours, Damara began to grow, slowly
at first, until a rapid uptake began in recent years. In the last two years, not only our clientele but also
our team have grown extraordinarily. In the process, Damara, as a team, has used Googles services
increasingly more with the help of Radical Cloud Solutions, to ease the growing pains naturally
experienced when a company expands. Not only this, but Google has allowed us to expand even under
the pressures of the Covid pandemic, through ease of communication when physical meetings were
rendered impossible.

As a result, Damara has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of agricultural inputs in
Zimbabwe, offering a sustainable approach to conventional farming, by harnessing the power of nature.

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