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Digitally Transform with Mobile-First

Digitally Transform with Mobile-First

The modern-day consumer lives for moments of instant gratification. As a result, a speedy mobile experience is of the utmost importance. Having a one-second delay in your mobile load time can impact your conversion rates by up to 20%.

We all know that the retail space has had to up its game and prioritise mobile, however, red tape often gets in the way of a great customer experience.

Navigating the corporate realm is often daunting and all too complex, but there are a few ways to ensure you get buy-in from the top.

1. Ensure a Top-Down approach.

Digitally Transform with Mobile-First

The strategy needs to be understood and continuously sponsored by the executives of the business. By bringing the technical and commercial sides of the business together; you can ensure a compelling pitch to the senior leadership levels. Make sure you highlight the risks faced by the business should you not act swiftly.

2. Track Everything. Make Data Your Friend.


By continuously measuring your mobile speed performance, you will gain a real-time understanding of your customers’ experience. Build as many dashboards as you need – and help motivate your teams through gamification and healthy competition.

With data at their fingertips, and them want to continuously improve at the front of their minds, your teams can act quickly.

3. Strategy and Goals. Stakeholders Need To Know.

Digitally Transform

Buy outlining the possibilities and limitations of delivering a Progressive Web App, for example, to your stakeholders – they are able to understand all the technicalities of what is involved and goals become aligned. Thus maximising the benefits for the consumer, and ultimately the business as a whole.

4. How Has The Work Impacted The Business?


Make sure you have a way to correlate site speed and site conversions from the beginning of the launch. With this data set, you can easily monitor the overall performance and be aware of areas of optimisation. This gives you the opportunity to share all aggregated improvements with high-level leadership. Translating the work done into commercial terms is critical to keep the board interested in investing.

5. Make Changes Sustainable.

Make Changes Sustainable.

40% of companies that make substantial changes to their site regress after 6 months. Checks and balances are key here, they will keep the digital transformation moving forward.

Google has created an amazing handbook to guide you through your mobile-first transformation journey. Find it here.

Are you ready to take the mobile-first journey? We are here to guide you along.

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