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Google Customer Success Story Safeguard: Efficiently keeping 8000+ clients safe with Google Maps

Safeguard locks up crime hotspots with Google Maps

Security firm Safeguard Zimbabwe keeps 8000+ clients safer with Google Maps-enabled crime heatmaps.

  • Proactive, fast identification of crime hotspots through visual heatmapping, delivered by Google Maps integration with incident reporting systems
  • Improved client service and sales due to ability to target products and services to highest risks by location
  • More efficient incident analysis thanks to better data transfer processes and new visual analysis capability
  • Market share growth enabled by innovative client offering

Keeping citizens and businesses safe has been the driving force for security firm Safeguard Zimbabwe since 1972. They were not content with its proven security solutions for homes, businesses and cash in transit, in 2019, Safeguard sought a way to protect clients even more. Enlisting the help of Radical Cloud Solutions, a Google Cloud Partner and Digicloud Africa reseller, Safeguard locked its sights on crime hotspots with Google Maps.

From reactive reporting to proactive protection

For years, incident reporting had provided Safeguard with a retrospective record of where clients experienced criminal activity. But what if this information could optimise efforts to protect clients proactively? A clearer understanding of incident hotspots would improve Safeguard’s ability to advise clients on the best services to protect against the highest security risks in their area.

Asking the question led Safeguard to cloud solution specialist Radical Cloud Solutions, a Google Partner, enabled by Digicloud Africa (Google’s enablement partner in Africa).

A picture tells a thousand words

Radical Cloud Solutions identified Google Maps as the ideal solution to meet Safeguard’s needs. By integrating Safeguard’s incident reporting systems with Google Maps, Safeguard analysts can view a visual heatmap of recorded security incidents that clearly identifies crime hotspots. Beyond the heatmap itself, each analyst can create and save personalised maps to fit the areas and crime reports they are working on. The integrated system also makes it easy to add incident location data to the underlying dataset, for example extracting GPS coordinates from a messaging app such as WhatsApp. The system makes it just as easy to share location data via email.

Google Maps is very helpful with compiling reports and updating system records. I have the ability to quickly pinpoint several locations in a given city, and extract the map imagery to include in my crime documentation. The visual map instantly highlights where the incident hotspots are.” Tsitsi Sithole, Systems Analyst, Safeguard Security (Pvt) Ltd

More targeted services, safer clients

With Google Maps, Safeguard can now quickly pinpoint locations where clients are at higher risk from particular criminal activities, even down to specific parts of a city. This clear visual picture helps Safeguard protect clients by targeting services and advice to the risks in their area. It also helps win new business by showing potential clients the value Safeguard can offer, and how seriously the company takes its mission to keep people and businesses safe.

About Radical Cloud Solutions

Radical offers companies a one-stop-shop service for running your business digitally, encompassing cloud solutions, web hosting, web services and digital marketing. As a Google Cloud Partner and Digicloud Africa reseller, Radical Cloud Solutions supports businesses like Safeguard Zimbabwe to enhance productivity with Google Workspace apps and solutions.

Radical Cloud Solutions is a digital agency dedicated to getting your business into the cloud, and your brand noticed.

About Digicloud Africa

A proudly African business established to enable access to innovative cloud solutions through a robust network of resellers, Digicloud Africa (Pty) Ltd has been designed to support Google Cloud and has been appointed as the Reseller Enablement Partner of Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace products in Africa. We take great pride in our partnership with Google and strive to grow our footprint of specialised cloud resellers throughout Africa. Together, we aim to digitally transform businesses in Africa.

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