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Google Classroom: A Free Learning Management System For eLearning

Do you fancy being a part of a classroom hub where you can engage with your students, provide them with constructive feedback whenever they needed it, and facilitate the sharing of classroom documents and assignments? Google Classroom achieves just that; it is Google’s addition to online education as well as the Learning Management System.

If you’re an eLearning professional, we know that you’re always seeking methods of saving time when it comes to organizing and maintaining your online work life.  You’re most likely someone who strives to provide the greatest possible experience for your students, but keeping everything organized may be difficult. The good news is that Google Classroom could be just what you’ve been looking for in a free learning management system!

What Can Google Classroom Offer To The World Of eLearning?

First things first, it’s incredibly easy to get started. Any eLearning professionals and online educators who have previously created a free Google Apps for Education account can use Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a cloud-based learning management system that allows online facilitators, content providers, and educators to go paperless and organize their eLearning resources in one place.

In just a couple of seconds, online facilitators and other eLearning professionals can create assignments in the program and send them to their learners online. Students can then finish their tasks using Google Docs and submit them to their teachers with a single mouse click. Online facilitators and learners can also keep copies of papers they generate and organize them in Google Drive folders that are unique to them.

Students may also check future deadlines on Google Classroom’s Assignments page, which helps them keep on track. Similarly, online facilitators have the ability to swiftly and easily see who has finished each assignment and provide immediate constructive comments. This helps students to obtain the help they need right immediately, so they may change their learning habits and gain the information they need to complete the eLearning course effectively.

Here are just a few of the ways that Google Classroom can be used as a free learning management system:

  1. Documents may be delivered directly to students by eLearning experts, as well as distributed to other online collaborators such as eLearning content developers.
  2. Internet facilitators can give connections to online resources including films, articles, and websites that can be used as supplemental eLearning materials.
  3. Online learners’ data may be gathered, making it simple to get feedback and personal information that can be utilized to improve the entire eLearning experience.
  4. By commenting on assignments and working collaboratively on tasks, learners may give feedback to their peers. They can also use the Google Classroom app to collaborate or research projects.


Benefits of the Google Classroom as a Free LMS for eLearning

Quick and convenient set up

Online facilitators can use the Google Classroom app to share assignments and eLearning materials without needing to install an LMS locally or join up for a Learning Management System (LMS) provider. They can accomplish this by adding students to the class or by distributing a unique code that grants access to the class. Google Classroom is easy to use and understand, making it suitable for eLearning professionals of all levels of expertise.

Time Saving

Virtual students no longer need to download homework, and online facilitators may easily produce and send materials to their students through the internet. They may also use the Google Classroom app to grade and offer comments on all assignments and tests. As a result, it has the potential to save students and eLearning professionals a substantial amount of time. Everything is paperless, so no time is lost physically sending papers, and learners can finish them straight online, making it easier to meet deadlines and incorporate eLearning into their regular routines.

Boosts collaboration & communication 

One of the most appealing features of Google Classroom as a free eLearning management system is that it facilitates online collaboration. Online facilitators can send alerts to their students to initiate an online conversation or to inform them of upcoming eLearning activities. Learners, on the other hand, can contribute feedback to their classmates by posting directly to the Google Classroom discussion stream. As a result, learners may obtain rapid assistance from their virtual classmates if they need help with an assignment or want to learn more about a certain subject. In essence, Google Classroom enhances the social learning part of online education by allowing students to benefit from their peers’ experience and talents.

Centralized data storage

Everything is in one concentrated spot using Google Classroom. Learners can see all of their assignments in one place, teachers may keep their eLearning materials and activities for the school year in the cloud, and all grades can be accessed within the app. There’s no need to be concerned about misplaced documents or exams because everything is stored in this free LMS. 

Rapid resource sharing 

Online facilitators and trainers have the ability to rapidly share information and resources with their students. Rather than updating an eLearning course or sending individual emails to each student, they may use the Google Classroom app to share connections to web resources and extra eLearning materials that will help their students. This provides students with the opportunity to get timely updates related to the current lesson, allowing them to better understand the subject matter and use multimedia features that enhance their eLearning experience.


Now that you’re filled in on all there is to know about using Google Classroom as a free LMS, we bet you’re curious as to how you can get started with this tool! Don’t waste time. Contact us today to help you get moving and improve your eLearning experience.