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Radical Cloud Solutions is a Rising Star!

Looking back over the last two years, it’s fair to say that life has been kind of tumultuous. All across the world, people have been made to adapt to a new way of living, managing their businesses, doing their jobs, and running their households. All this, whilst simultaneously doing their best in staying sane (and alive!). 

It’s been a lot. It’s no surprise that such a disruption to life and routines can make it difficult to stay motivated and to continuously and consistently ‘show up’, especially when it comes to work. 

Let’s be honest, work-life has taken on such a new dimension, even we have struggled to keep our heads above water some days. But, in amongst all the chaos and disarray, we decided to seize the opportunity and find new ways to improve, refine and develop our skills so that we knew we were producing work of a high standard.

And that’s exactly what we did. 

Hard work pays off

All the effort put in by our team at Radical Cloud Solutions earned us recognition from our partner, Digicloud, who awarded us with the ‘Rising Star Award’. Beyond our passion for Google business, we have a passion for our customers – something that Digicloud commended by saying: 

“Radical Cloud Solutions always goes the extra mile for customers. They are a partner that is willing to invest in additional staff to increase service levels, a partner that is willing to share their growth plans and named account lists with us and work together with Google and Digicloud as an entity. The team are amazing to work with, always sharing their plans and assisting customers, even if it is a free bit of advice that gets given to a client.  The staff are consistently trained up and they are continually expanding the team as they take on extra product sets to give their customers great service.” 

To receive an accolade like this makes us both proud and thankful that we get to do what we’re passionate about every single day. It’s a reminder that we are in fact on the right track, and to keep going at it no matter how our circumstances might change!

It’s all because of you 

Without our customers, our efforts would be fruitless and there would essentially be no point in what we do. We thrive on bringing a customer’s needs to the forefront, bringing their vision to life, and making it so much easier along the way for them to achieve their goals! We do all this through working with fantastic partners like Digicloud and Google, who equip us with the tools we need to satisfy customers and go above and beyond their expectations. 

Tools like Google Workspace, Workspace for Education, and Google Cloud Platform are among our go-to’s, and have proven time and again that clients can really go the whole nine yards in their business. These platforms have been a conduit for our best work and we’re so proud to be associated with these software powerhouses! 

If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level using these progressive tools, have a chat with us today and see how we can help you.