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Google Success Story: Modernising Infrastructure for Kalekt Analytics

Kalekt Analytics is a leading retail data analytics organisation that provides actionable insights to the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry in Zimbabwe. Through their own custom-built platform, Kalekt are able to provide deep-dive insights into a retailers’ performance. The focus can stretch from brands to groups, to single products with key feedback on possible solutions to the challenges that are being faced.

When they themselves faced challenges with scaling their operations as their client base expanded and data volumes increased. They approached Radical Cloud Solutions, a trusted Google partner experienced in developing efficient platforms, to assist in finding a solution.

What was the Challenge?

As Kalekt Analytics onboarded more and more clients and accumulated a vast amount of data, their existing infrastructure struggled to handle the processing requirements. This resulted in slower loading times for reports and hindered the ability to present data effectively to clients. 

Solution Provided by Radical Cloud Solutions

Radical Cloud Solutions proposed modernising their infrastructure by migrating Kalekt Analytics’ infrastructure from a fixed server environment to Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) Compute Engine. This transition ensured stability in hosting performance and provided the necessary tools for seamless scalability.

By leveraging GCP’s Compute Engine, Kalekt Analytics gained the ability to adjust their server requirements quickly and easily. They could scale up or down as needed, accommodating the influx of new client data without concerns about server limitations. The flexibility offered by the Compute Engine also brought cost savings, as Kalekt Analytics no longer had to commit to a fixed service and could optimise their resource allocation.

Additionally, Radical Cloud Solutions implemented cost-saving measures by utilising committed discounts available through GCP.

The Results

The transition to Google Cloud Platform empowered Kalekt Analytics to focus on their core purpose of providing insightful data analysis to their retail clients. With a stable and scalable infrastructure, they were able to accommodate the growing demands of their business and clients without compromising uptime or performance.

The adoption of GCP’s Compute Engine eliminated the previous limitations on processing capacity, resulting in improved loading times for reports. Kalekt Analytics could now deliver data-driven insights to their clients quickly and efficiently, enhancing their service delivery and supporting their clients’ growth.

Arthur Harley, the Managing Director of Kalekt Analytics, expressed his satisfaction with the results, stating, “Google Cloud Platform has given us flexibility and confidence in our hardware with no capital outlay, which has enabled us to put funds into more staff and better service delivery to our clients.”

Partner Contribution

Radical Cloud Solutions, with their focus on developing efficient platforms and systems aligned with digital marketing strategies, played a crucial role in facilitating the migration to Google Cloud Platform. Their expertise in infrastructure modernisation and application modernisation enabled Kalekt Analytics to seamlessly transition and realise the benefits of GCP’s scalability.

By leveraging Google Cloud Compute Engine, Kalekt Analytics achieved a more robust and flexible infrastructure, supporting their growth ambitions and improving their service offerings in the competitive retail data analytics market.

As a trusted Google partner, Radical Cloud Solutions continues to empower businesses like Kalekt Analytics to optimise their operations and harness the full potential of cloud technologies. Let us know if you’d like to find out more about the powerful capabilities of Google Cloud Platform.