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What’s new in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud?

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is continually evolving to provide advanced cybersecurity and data protection solutions for their clients. 

Last year alone, Acronis introduced a range of new features and improvements aimed at streamlining operations, enhancing security and boosting efficiency. 

Insights into Cyber Threats

January 2024 brought significant insights into the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

  • Over 10 million malicious URLs were blocked at the endpoint by Acronis, representing a commendable 23% decrease compared to December 2023.
  • The number of detected malware attacks in January decreased by 10% compared to the previous month.
  • The number of email attacks detected in 2023 surged by 222% compared to the second half of 2022.
  • Acronis recorded more than 283 data breaches globally, underscoring the persistent threat posed by cyber adversaries.

Why is Endpoint Detection and Response a must-have in 2024?

As outlined in the August 2023 Acronis Cyberthreats Report, there was a 6% decline in ransomware detections at the endpoint level from June to July. Nevertheless, during this period, Acronis Advanced Security + EDR identified more than 150,000 cyber incidents. Additionally, the emergence of new ransomware gangs was observed, indicating ongoing evolution in their strategies and methods to breach security systems.

It’s worth noting that Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is now accessible to all Advanced Security users at no additional cost.

Previous improvements: 2023 Continuous Innovation

  • In May 2023, Acronis introduced ML-based Monitoring and Smart Alerts as part of the Advanced Management pack, empowering Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like Radical Cloud Solutions to leverage machine learning for proactive detection and prioritisation of alerts. This feature minimises wasted time, provides reliable support, and ensures prompt responses to critical anomalies.
  • The latest version of ConnectWise Control, released in May, simplifies partner operations by grouping all devices with open alerts into a single group. In addition, in-product notifications ensure that partners always have the latest version installed, optimising performance and usability.
Enhanced email security capabilities improved inbound protection accuracy.
  • In April, Acronis released important improvements to the Advanced Security + EDR pack and ConnectWise NOC integration for Workload Management. Acronis Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) equips MSPs with swift incident analysis and prioritisation capabilities, ensuring comprehensive endpoint protection and business continuity. ConnectWise NOC integration streamlines ticket management and operations, empowering NOC engineers to efficiently resolve issues on behalf of MSPs.
  • March enhancements included improved backup, management, and file sharing capabilities. Users gained the ability to remotely manage bootable media through a web interface, enhancing accessibility. Advanced Management updates reduced manual work for technicians by automating web connections authentication, ensuring smooth operations.
  • February brought enhancements focusing on email security and server support. Acronis simplified the provisioning of email security services for new clients using API for Microsoft 365, reducing configuration errors and support tickets. Enhanced email security capabilities improved inbound protection accuracy by detecting malicious emails originating from client Microsoft 365 outbound mailboxes.
  • Earlier improvements made at the beginning of the year streamlined protection management for multiple Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace seats, reducing administrative effort. Updates to Datto RMM integration facilitated quick and easy onboarding of customers, offering flexible provisioning options based on Datto RMM sites.

As Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud continues to evolve, Radical Cloud Solutions remains dedicated to delivering unparalleled cyber protection solutions to our clients. Contact us to learn more about how Acronis can fortify your organisation’s cyber resilience in an increasingly complex threat landscape.

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