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2023: A Year in Summary

As 2023 comes to a close, we take a moment to look at the highs and lows that shaped our journey. 

2023 has been marked by significant growth, transformative changes, and invaluable lessons.

We Tried Something New

At the beginning of the year we tackled our very first webinar, which focussed on Google Workspace for Education. 

We were joined by two Googlers who discussed Google’s vision for Education, heard successful feedback from a school that has embraced Google Workspace for Education, and we were also joined by the Education Lead at Digicloud Africa, Candice Erasmus. 

It was a learning curve for everyone involved and a great success, if we can say so ourselves. 

Be sure to stay tuned to our social media platforms if you’d like to join the next one.

We Set Out to Achieve 

In the realm of achievements, 2023 brought us the prestigious designation of Google Premier Partner—a recognition akin to a high-five from Google itself. Achieving this status demanded our team to be top-notch overachievers, meeting stringent partner requirements and landing in the top 3% of participating companies. It’s a testament to our commitment to client success, product diversification, and annual investment in advertising.

Our hardworking team deserves applause for propelling Radical Cloud Solutions to new heights, a journey marked by growth and improvement.

In October 2023, our team member, Taurai Munyaradzi Mashambanhaka, showcased exceptional talent by clinching the Diamond award for crafting the Best Website of the Year at the MAZ Awards for his work on the Croco Motors website. Taurai’s dedication, active listening, and ingenious solutions earned him well-deserved recognition, filling us with immense pride.

From Strength to Strength 

We continue to grow as a leading SaaS (Software as a Service) provider throughout Africa, with our primary focus on inventory management, cybersecurity, accounting, communication, and productivity and collaboration software.

This year witnessed Radical Cloud Solutions attracting numerous new clients in the Google Workspace for Education domain. The platform’s user-friendly environment and streamlined educational workflows make it a compelling choice for students and educators alike.

Expanding our reach, we ventured into Zambia in collaboration with Cloudbridge Consulting, marking another step towards our goal of becoming the premier IT and Cloud Solutions partner in southern Africa. 

The journey from strength to strength continues, and we’re excited for what the future holds.