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Customer Success Story: Enhancing Productivity and Security for Finwell

Finwell Legal Services (Pty) Ltd in South Africa offers consumers the opportunity to get out of debt and look towards a sound financial future. They assist with a financial wealth assessment. Give their clients legal advice, and negotiate lower payments on their behalf.

Finwell felt that their old software solutions presented challenges such as outdated technology, lack of integration and compatibility, and security vulnerabilities. They wanted to move to a new software solution to take advantage of the latest technology, streamline workflows, improve collaboration, enhance security measures, and move their data to the cloud. 

So, while Finwell was busy helping their clients with financial advice, Radical Cloud Solutions stepped in to help them with application and infrastructure modernisation.

How did Radical Cloud Solutions help Finwell Legal Services?

Radical Cloud Solutions advised Finwell on how they can save on their Google subscription while still retaining all the functionality that they needed. We created a Google Workspace tenant and deployed all licences. We also negotiated a PDL (Partial Domain Licence) split with Google – 252 Frontline licences, 24 Enterprise Standard licences and a 3-year commit. We later added Enterprise Starter licences as well. This all saved the client money. (Recommended reading: How Radical Cloud Solutions Redefines Cost Efficiency).

While the client’s data was being migrated to Google Cloud, Radical Cloud Solutions guided Finwell with what to expect, and explained the requirements as well as proposed timelines. We also provided technical support while Finwell familiarised themselves with Google Workspace, and trained the client on data migration so that they could move across certain users’ data from their MS 365 to their Google Workspace accounts.

Radical Cloud Solutions is an IT Management & Cloud Solutions Provider dedicated to getting your business into the cloud, and your brand noticed. We are proud Google Partners. Besides implementing Google Workspace, we also offer a data migration service to help smooth the adoption process and remove any stress and concerns our clients may have about moving to a new platform. Our data migration covers hard drive migration, mailbox migration, simple cloud migration and complex cloud migration. Once moved across, our team assists with any training and support to ensure our clients get the most out of their new system and take advantage of the enhanced communication and collaboration features. 

How were the changes received?

By moving Finwell’s data to the cloud, they were able to access it from anywhere with an internet connection, have more scalable storage solutions, and benefit from the built-in security measures provided by Google Workspace. 

The move has had a positive impact on Finwell’s business operations, helping them stay competitive, improve their productivity, and enhance the security of their data and systems.

Overall, the move was considered a valuable investment for the company. It enabled them to access their data from anywhere, collaborate more effectively with their team, and scale their storage needs more efficiently.

Rynhardt Visser, the IT Infrastructure and Support Manager at Finwell Legal Services, had this to say about their move to Google Workspace – “Our move to Google Workspace was a turning point for our company. We were facing numerous challenges with outdated software solutions that were hampering our productivity and security. By switching to Google Workspace, we were able to take advantage of the latest technology, streamline our workflows, and enhance the security of our data and systems.” 

Should you be interested in migrating to the cloud or upgrading your system, get in touch. We’d be happy to help.