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Author: Albert


Lightspeed: The Only ePOS You Need

Lightspeed: The Only ePOS You Need Before we delve into the benefits of an ePOS system; what is a POS system? We come into contact with them every single day. Whenever we buy something from a store or eat out at a restaurant, there is

Damara: Google Technology Empowering Farming

Damara: Google Technology Empowering Farming Saiwit Holdings trading as Damara Group was started in 2009 by David Kay, Robert Currie, and Murry Evans as an agricultural commodities business in Zimbabwe. The three founders were like-minded individuals, who are passionate about the environment and come from

Digitally Transform with Mobile-First

Digitally Transform with Mobile-First The modern-day consumer lives for moments of instant gratification. As a result, a speedy mobile experience is of the utmost importance. Having a one-second delay in your mobile load time can impact your conversion rates by up to 20%. We all

How The Cloud Could Transform Your Business

How The Cloud Could Transform Your Business Hotel management software company, Preno, shares how cloud-based solutions like theirs can help propel your business forward. All businesses rely on a system, but not all systems were created equal. For many business owners, outdated tools like spreadsheets

Scalable and Efficient Data Pipelines

Machine learning applications, big data analytics and data science deployment in the real work, only constitutes 25% of the total work involved. The rest is made up of making sure the data is ready for machine learning and analytics, this is around 50%, whereas the

eCommerce Website Migration Made Easy

Depending on your eCommerce needs, the platform you may have chosen at the beginning of your website journey may need to change. At Radical Cloud Solutions, we understand the importance of making sure that the migration process is seamless and there is no data loss.

Digital Marketing Strategy : Ultimate Guide 2020

Extensive research and planning will be the deciding factor in your digital marketing strategy. You know that you need one, but you might be unsure of how to go about collecting all the necessary information needed. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, what is the
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