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Digital Marketing Strategy : Ultimate Guide 2020

Extensive research and planning will be the deciding factor in your digital marketing strategy. You know that you need one, but you might be unsure of how to go about collecting all the necessary information needed. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, what is the

Ecommerce Migration Checklist 2020

eCommerce Migration: How to Keep Your SEO Checklist One facet of your website’s success is the user experience. As well as overall feel. If this is something that is needing improvement, you need to know all of the actions required to migrate your site to

Magento 1 Closing – What are Magento Alternatives?

Magento 1 Closing - What are Magento Alternatives? Magento is a name that is synonymous with the eCommerce world. Well known for its high customisation and flexibility, as well as industry leading and innovative features. Unfortunately, June 2020 marked the end of the road for

How to Choose the Right-Your-Size eCommerce Solution

Needless to say that the decision-making process can often be stressful. And when it comes to choosing an eCommerce platform to settle your online business on, everything is even more elusive. Fortunately or not, the modern ecommerce market is overwhelmed with dozens of shopping carts

Why Your Website Needs HTTPS

All websites need to prioritize security. However, I still see so many sites out there that aren’t using HTTPS. For those of you who aren’t currently using HTTPS, that needs to change immediately. If you don’t think it’s necessary or that important, you’re mistaken. The

What Is Website Taxonomy (a.k.a. URL Taxonomy)

What Is Website Taxonomy (a.k.a. URL Taxonomy) If you’re a beginner in the SEO industry, you may have heard the term website taxonomy or URL taxonomy. There are many variations of this phrase and it may be confusing if you’re just starting out in SEO.

Marketing in Times of Uncertainty

Marketing in Times of Uncertainty: Tips From Top Marketing Pros Are you unsure how to approach your marketing during a crisis? Looking for wisdom from well-known marketers? To help you make wise decisions during trying times, we tapped the minds of top marketers. #1: Your

IT best practices on COVID-19 preparedness

Introduction COVID-19 may increase existing risks to your staffing, office access/availability and IT. Below are ideas and best practices for preparedness and how to adapt to maintain business continuity. Mitigating risk to staffing Avoid business processes that put an entire team covering a key function
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